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Tracker Training 8 Guide – Genshin Impact

Melt all 8 Ice Crystals in Dragonspine!

The Tracker Training event can give you multiple furniture blueprints and items. However, Dragonspine is a challenging place, and staying for long periods can make you freeze. This guide will show you all the 8 locations of the Ice Crystals in the 8th part of the Tracker Training event. 

Tracker Training 8 Event Location

You can find the 8th part of the Tracker Training event in the eastern part of Dragonspine. To go here, you need to teleport using the Statue of Seven in Dragonspine. Afterward, glide off the cliff until you reach the area near the lake. 

Ice Crystal Pile Locations

You will need a Pyro character to melt the Ice Crystal Piles. As you glide down the cliff, you should be able to see a few Ice Crystal Piles visible to the area. 

  • The 1st crystal pile is near the mountainside, near the western part of the quest area. 
  • Go to the northern part of the quest area near the lake to find the 2nd crystal. 
  • The 3rd crystal is directly below it next to a rock.
  • You can find the 4th crystal to the right of the 3rd crystal, next to a tree.
  • You can find the 5th Crystal next to the rock near the 3rd crystal. There is also a heat lamp that you can activate here.
  • The 6th crystal is on the eastmost part of the area, next to 2 bombs. 
  • You can find the 7th crystal in the central part of the area, near the trees. 
  • The last crystal is near the cave-like entrance.

The reward for melting all the Ice Crystal Piles are 30 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 120 Snowstrider Emblem.

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