Type Soul: Best Build For Soul Reapers

Purify the world of the living!

Type Soul Best Builds For Soul Reapers

Protecting the world from Hollows is a big responsibility for Soul Reapers, or Shinigami, which is basically the same thing. You also have the Quincy to worry about on top of all the hunting you’re keeping yourself occupied with.

It might be easy to get overwhelmed by everything you encounter at first while playing Type Soul, it’s a fairly new game after all. To keep you on your toes and make sure you don’t invest in the wrong stats, we put together a quick guide for what build you can have when you’re playing as a Soul Reaper.

Best Build for Soul Reapers

Each race has a recommended stat in Type Soul. For example you have Speed for Soul Reapers and Arrancars, and Hakuda for Quincy. Hakuda is also good for Soul Reapers who are new to the game as it lets you string kills together. But Kendo is still a pretty good first pick, let’s take a look at what else you can put together in greater detail.


If you want a combo oriented build then investing in Kendo is a must. With this, you can constantly use Mortal Ties and force your opponent into a close range battle. A battle that they’re guaranteed to lose rather shortly once you use Flower Passage.

Type Soul Best Builds For Soul Reapers


If you’re looking to join the rest of the crowd while playing then Speed is going to be your next option. With how fast your attacks will be they’re going to be quite difficult to react to without any practice. Getting Blooming Cut and Flash Cut is also vital to speed as it teleports you straight to the opponent, leaving them open to almost anything that you have in store for them.

Type Soul Best Builds For Soul Reapers

Putting it Together

What you should do is a 50/10 split between Kendo and Speed respectively. You’re investing 50 points into Kendo in order to get Mortal Ties. 10 points goes into Speed to get you Blooming Cut, which is the teleporting move that most players don’t respond to properly. So pair those two and you can basically flash step your way towards anyone after stringing together a decent combo. That’s for every third hit of speed damage that you inflict.

Type Soul Best Builds For Soul Reapers

And those are the best builds you can make use of in Type Soul! If you need more help and you’re looking to play as Quincy or Arrancars then check out the stat build tier list we’ve made for those factions as well!

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