Serin Fate: How To Get Shovel & Grow Plants

Stardew Valley with witches is finally here!

You’d think that a game that everyone is talking about as if it’s Stardew Valley’s descendant would have farming as, at least, a normal thing to do… But it’s not. It’s hard, it’s cruel and it’s something that will make you hate farming. Kinda like in real life! But, with a bit of guidance, farming will become part of your everyday life in Serin Fate and, who knows, might even be enjoyable! So, let’s tell you how to get what you need and get into it!

How To Get Shovel & Grow Plants – Serin Fate

There are two very important things you will need before making your beautiful farm. That’s a bird house and a shovel.

Shovel seems pretty obvious, but the bird house will protect your crops from those pesky birds that will try to eat your seeds.

You can get the shovel by going south of the main city, into the next region, and then taking the first turn you can to the right, into the hidden woods road.

It will lead you to a dog’s farm. You can find the shovel next to a tree on his right. You can see it in this picture:

Once you get it, go to all the birch trees on your way back to the house and interact with them by pressing “E”. Do 3-4 times for each one of them and one might leave a bird nest behind. Pick it up.

Get back to your house and, at the workbench, make a birdhouse. While that’s being done, click the middle mouse button and go to Key.

Select the shovel and then dig some spots where you might want to plant your seeds. When the house is done, put some soil on the places you dug into and then put the house close to the spots.

Put some seeds in the soil and then all you have to do is water them! You get a watering can from the library of the witch academy for 1 gold.

All you have to do is equip it, walk next to the soil, and it will be watered without you doing anything. Do that everyday and your plants will grow.

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