Type Soul: Complete Kendo Guide

Try out these flashy skills!

Type Soul Complete Kendo Guide

Trying out a new build in an RPG or MMO can be daunting especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might use up all your time and energy on something that isn’t great or effective. That’s why you’ll want to research first!!

In Type Soul, one of the styles of combat you can choose is Kendo and it has a lot of powerful moves. You’ll want to know what the best ones are so that you can get an edge in combat against NPCs and players!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can use Kendo more effectively in the game by showing you the best skills and combos. Now, let’s see what Kendo can offer!

Complete Kendo Guide

Choosing Kendo as your main fighting style in the game can lead to some great high-damage moves. The range of the skills isn’t that bad either and you even get a counter. To maximize Kendo, you’ll want to know which moves as well as learn a few combos!

SIDE NOTE: Skills aren’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about since there’s gear and weapons as well! Check out our Best Weapons Tier List for more information!

Skills And Stats

The top skill of Kendo is Mortal Ties, and it needs a whopping 50 points into Kendo to unlock it. This will leave you with only 15 points left to be placed elsewhere. A great addition to Kendo is the Speed skill tree, so you can mix and match while having some mobility.

Type Soul Flower Passage

For skills here are some important and notable skills you should get with Kendo:

  • Flower Passage – One of the moves you use to close the gap and start combos with.
  • Delayed Crossings – A strong and quick attack that can deal with a lot of posture damage.
  • Vertical Down – Another strong attack with good posture damage often used in combos.
  • Bisection – This skill requires only 18 points in Kendo and deals above-average damage.
  • Overpowering Slash – Needs 30 points in Kendo and deals massive damage if you manage to hit it.
  • Rising Swallow – A great move to use when you need to guard-break someone. It also launches targets into the air for a continuation attack.
  • Flowing Petals – Recently it has been nerfed since it now only works on a straight line. It’s still a viable skill that can be used to close the gap.
  • Mortal Ties/Pressure Shift – Mortal Ties needs 50 points in Kendo to unlock. For Pressure Shift, you’ll need to put 5 more points into Speed to unlock it which makes it impossible to get with Mortal Ties.

Combos And When To Use Skills

Now that you know some of the skills and how they can help you out with a Kendo build, you’ll want to know when to use them. You’ll also want to know how to do combos with these skills to give you an edge in combat!

Type Soul Vertical Down
  • Flower Passage + Vertical Down/Delayed Crossing + Horizon Core – A basic combo where you use the right mouse button to cancel the Flower Passage move when you hit. This makes it easier to follow up with the rest of the moves with either Vertical Down or Delayed Crossing.
  • Rising Swallow + Sonata Flow – A short combo that you can follow up with any other skill depending on the scenario.
  • Flower Passage and Eviscerate – Use these moves when targets are being passive, and you want to keep the pace and be aggressive.

Other Races and Skills

If you’re playing an Arrancar then be sure to get Gran Rey Cero, Cero Cornea, and Cero Obscuras as they can help a lot with Kendo.

If you’re not playing as an Arrancar then you can substitute these moves with Bisection, Overpowering Slash, and Senmaioroshi.

Using these skills in combination with the other skills above will give you a strong boost.

With those tips you should now have a great build for using Kendo in Type Soul,. Now, go out there and try it out yourself! Check out our complete guide on the Vizard Mask obtainment if you haven’t gotten that one in the game yet!


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