Type Soul: How To Find Which Vizard Variants You Are Guide

Out of 5, which VIzard Variants did you get?

Type Soul is a free game on Roblox. It is a fighting game which is inspired by Bleach. The game allows you to get different Vizard Variants which makes you powerful in different ways. But the problem is, there is no sure way of knowing what you got. So this guide will be showing you two ways through which you can figure out what Vizard Variants you have. Keep reading to learn more.

Guide on How To Find Which Vizard Variants You Have

There are 5 different Vizard Variants which are mentioned below:

  • HP Variant: Gives you HP regeneration.
  • Defense Variant: Reduces the amount of damage you receive.
  • Damage Variant: Increase the amount of damage you deal.
  • Speed Variant: Increases your movement speed.
  • Reiatsu Variant: Gives your Reiatsu regeneration.

To check which 3 out of 5 Vizard Variants you got, you can use one of the following two methods:

  • Rerolling
  • Manual Testing

Method #1: Rerolling

This method is pretty simple and straightforward. You just need to Reroll your Vizard Variants for this. It does cost 750 Robux so it is kind of expensive.

Reroll window - Type Soul: How To Find Which Vizard Variants You Are Guide
Oooof… 750 ROBUX!

If you do decide to Reroll, make sure to pay attention to the Vizard Variants you got and note it down. They will appear above your character for a few seconds as shown in the image below.

Reroll result - Type Soul: How To Find Which Vizard Variants You Are Guide
Example of a Vizard Variants Reroll.

If you do not feel like spending 750 Robux, then refer to the 2nd method.

Method #2: Manual Testing

As you may have guessed from the name, you will have to manually test to see which Vizard Variants you received. You will need another account for this, either ask a friend to help you out or create an alt account. Choose whichever that is the easiest for you.

Vizard - Type Soul: How To Find Which Vizard Variants You Are Guide
Cool looking Vizard!

Each Vizard Variant needs to be individually tested out. Method of testing each Variant is given down below.

HP Variant

To test if you have the HP Variant, ask your friend to hit you (or hit yourself through an alt account) so your HP goes down. Now notice if you are regenerating HP, if so then you have the HP Variant. If your HP does not regenerate on its own then you do not have the HP Variant.

Speed Variant

This is pretty easy to test out. First note down how fast you move. Then equip your Mask and now note down your movement speed again. Compare both of the speeds (with and without Mask) and if your speed is greater when having the Mask equipped, it means you have the Speed Variant.

Otherwise, if your speed with the mask is equal to the speed without the Mask, then you do not have the Speed Variant.

Attack Variant

To test this Variant, attack your friend (or your alt account) without the Mask and note down the damage you deal. Now equip your Mask and attack them again and note down the damage you deal once more. If the damage you deal with the Mask equipped is greater then you have the Attack Variant.

If you damage with the Mask and without it is the same then you do not have the Attack Variant.

Defense Variant

For checking out this Variant, ask your friend (or use your alt account) to hit your character and note down the damage you receive without the Mask. Afterwards, equip the Mask and take damage again while noting it down. Compare the damage values and if the damage received with the Mask equipped is lower then you have the Defense Variant.

If the damage you received with the Mask and without it is the same then you do not possess the Defense Variant.

Reiatsu Variant

This is a bit tricky to test out as you need to compare the Reiatsu regeneration of your account to another account with normal Reiatsu regeneration. But there is an easier way of figuring out if you have the Reiatsu Variant.

And that is, first test out the other 4 Vizard Variants. If you have 3 Variants out of 4 then it is clear that you do not have the Reiatsu Variant. But if you only have 2 Variants out of the other 4, then it is safe to assume that your 3rd Variant is the Reiatsu one.

And that is it for this guide! I hope it was of help. We all are aware that we have limited time to play Type Soul each day which limits our ability to get stuff in the game. That is why AFK mode exists in Type Soul. Check this guide to learn more about it: AFK World Complete Guide.


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