How to Get Quit Hanging Around Trophy in Resident Evil Village

How is it hangin’?

Why not proudly show off your Resident Evil Village progress by acquiring all the trophies or achievements in the game? Some are easy to get, but some can be pretty challenging. The ‘Quit Hanging Around’ trophy isn’t particularly hard, but players do need to be at a certain stage of the game in order to get it. Today, we will focus on how to get the ‘Quit Hanging Around’ trophy in Resident Evil Village!

How to Get Quit Hanging Around Trophy – Resident Evil Village

At the time of writing, only one method of getting this bronze trophy has been found. Players speculate that there are more means, but for now, we will focus on the currently-known working method.

Here is how to get the Quit Hanging Around trophy:

  • Go to the Heisenberg factory. Players must be at this stage of the game to get this achievement.
  • There will be production lines of subject, which look like people. They will be dragged through the factory.
  • Simply get some sort of gun, doesn’t have to be a particular one, and shoot at the ropes that the subjects are hanging from.
  • Once a line has been cut, the subject will fall, and the player will receive the Quit Hanging Around trophy!


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