Warcraft Rumble: Deadmines Alliance Dungeon Best Maiev List

Make the Alliance dungeon run easier!

Warcraft Rumble: Deadmines Alliance Dungeon Best Maiev List Featured Image

You’d think that doing countless of PvP matches in Warcraft Rumble and trying to level up fast is difficult. Clearly no one has ever tried PvE before with mobs that simply end your units the moment they get on their lanes.

But it doesn’t always have to be difficult right? That’s why we have a guide for you that makes great use of Maiev Shadowsong. Find out how you can survive the Alliance Dungeon’s three bosses with the guide below!

Deadmines Alliance Dungeon Best Maiev List

The build we’ll be showing you will work best on Maiev due to his Unbound Bonuses. Other leaders that can provide good results include Tirion and Jaina.

Pushing at the start can be a bit difficult since the area is littered with mobs Mr. Smite has laid down. Check out the deck breakdown below and get ready to flood the right lane!

Warcraft Rumble Deadmines

Deck Breakdown

Maiev in general has good overall AoE. You can make further use of this by having the Remorseless talent on him to deal double damage. This goes on for an extra two seconds after you kill an enemy.

Warcraft Rumble Maeiev Shadowsong

The same can be said for the S.A.F.E Pilot. Comin’ In Hot is used by almost everybody due to its deployment speed. Burning nearby enemies is a bonus.

The S.A.F.E. Pilot even makes an appearance in our Grommash Vultures Build guide, making her both great for PvE and PvP!

Warcraft Rumble SAFE Pilot

We’ll also be deploying some Whelp Eggs. These will be deployed up front so you can take your towers and damage nearby enemies when hatching. Do that by choosing Flame Burst. Don’t forget to place them on your central towers as well.

Warcraft Rumble Whelp Eggs

Quilboar will tank the guardians. Not only that but he’ll also take 50% less damage from elemental attacks. Equip him with Bristleback since he’ll be doing a lot of melee once deployed.

Warcraft Rumble Bristleback

Other members can either include Skeleton Party, Living Bomb, Footmen, Dark Iron Miner, or Execute with Bloodthirsty.

Wargen can be squeezed in there somewhere too. You can play around with these as long as you have the other three to accompany Maiev.

First Boss – Mr. Smite

The map has a total of three mining points. It goes without saying that you should gain control of these mining points along with the towers. Two of them are already near your right tower, so prioritize mining those first.

Occupying the right side of the map can increase your chances of winning. This is due to the mining points that the boss is trying to gain control over as well.

Check your opponent’s first move, if they make the mistake of sending everything down on one lane then deploy Safe Pilot on top of them first. Stonehoof Taurens will pass through the middle pipe a lot. You can use Quilboar to block this attack.

However, Stonehoof Taurens can’t attack flying units, so that’s added value to your Safe Pilot whenever they meet.

If all of that isn’t enough then feel free to plop down some Wehlp Eggs at the entry point. That’s the part of the map that’s closest to your base.

Your eggs will need support though, so drop in Maiev when you have the gold to spare. At this point, no one should be pushing on the right lane yet. What you should do is use Safe Pilot to clear the way for a future push.

So now you have a good cycle to play around with. As long as you don’t let Taurens near your base with your Wehlp eggs, you should be fine.

If you haven’t yet, capture the right tower waypoint already. Don’t be too aggressive, rinse and repeat until you whittle down Mr. Smite’s HP.

Warcraft Rumble Mr Smite

Second Boss – Cookie

Attach the middle lane and grab the two treasure chests once you begin. Needless to say, you should gain control of the tower as well.

Depending on where your opponents are, send in some Wehlp Eggs along with Safe to clear them out. Clean up whatever’s left over and try to win the mining point at the bottom right of the map.

Keep sending in units down the middle and make an occasional right turn to fight Cookie. Safe Pilot will deal with any units that spawn in on the upper right.

You should be able to crawl your way back to the boss easily if you have at least two towers in your control. A couple more rinses of this and you’ll beat the boss, hopefully with Maiev delivering the finishing blow.

Warcraft Rumble Cookie

Third Boss – Sneed

What’s most noticeable on this map are the two platforms that can clone your minis. This is perfect for your low cost units like Quilboar or Dark Iron Miner.

Save any of them first at the beginning. Take down the nearest tower first when the game starts.

After that, you can follow the path that leads up to the second tower. You’d want to gain control of the tower closest to the cloning platform to avoid cloning your 3 gold units.

If push comes to shove, deploy some units on the cloning platforms. This prevents any Molten Giants from getting cloned and will give you a piece of mind.

Keep an eye on the platforms whenever they light up so you can deny your enemy a free unit. Play a few rounds of defense while dropping Maiev on top of Sneed every now and then.

Once the coast is clear, drop another Maiev along with some Wehlp Eggs. Having a Footman here or a Quilboar is also ideal since they can take a lot of hits from the boss.

With the towers in your control along with the platforms, he should fall down before the timer reaches zero.

Warcraft Rumble Sneed

And that’s how you can take on the Deadmines Alliance Dungeon in Warcraft Rumble. Try and mess around with the units we suggested and see which ones will make life easier for you!

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