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Webbed: Where To Find The Ogre-Faced Spider | Location

Find the big ugly spider and get his sticker!

Ok, Ok, I know I said it’s ugly but I’m sorry, it really is. In a world where all the bugs are cute and helpful, this guy is just a morose old man! But, even though it’s pretty ugly, it looks kinda cool. So we obviously would like to get his sticker and be able to turn into him, right? Well, if you don’t know where to find him or how to get that sticker, you’re in luck, because this article is all about that! How and where to find the Ogre-Faced Spider!

Where To Find The Ogre-Faced Spider | Location – Webbed

For this little mission to get the Ogre-Faced Spider’s sticker, we will need to travel to a secret underground location and then come up to a lake, where he’s chilling.

This place is located in the Western part of the map. You can see in the map below exactly where you need to go to reach him:

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy location to reach and there are a lot of things that can go wrong! To reach this place, you’ll need to start from here:

At this location, you will be in the underwater tunnels, and you will find a breakable wall. A place where there are white-ish rocks on the wall.

Shoot it and you’ll find a secret tunnel full of spikes that you’ll have to traverse. After you reach the end, you’ll find a lake where the Ogre-Faced Spider is waiting for prey.

To get his sticker, you need to interact with him 5 times. He will get annoyed because he wants to be stealthy, so he’ll give you his sticker so you’ll leave him alone.

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Webbed: Where To Find The Secret Button | Location

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