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Webbed: Where To Find The Robot Spider | Location

Rescue your fellow spider and help the worker ant!

Have you ever thought that you can like bugs? Neither did I, but I swear that Webbed has turned me into a bug enthusiast! With your journey to save your boyfriend being far from over, you will need to find the Robot Spider and rescue him, for the ants and for yourself! Problem is, the map is huge and you have no idea where to find him. No problem, that’s what we are here for, to guide you to your desired destination!

Where To Find The Robot Spider | Location – Webbed

If you help the worker ants recover their Robot Spider, you will be able to, after doing the mission, change into the Robot Spider skin and look really futuristic!

In order to find him though, you will need to travel to the far reaches of the map.

As you can see in the picture above, you will need to reach one of the Westmost points on the map, and travel to the end of the river.

Once you’re out of the water, travel upwards but to the right until you reach an ant. It will be a really steep climb so be ready to shoot many webs.

If you talk to the ant, it will tell you that their spider-bot is stuck under rubble and that they need to get it out.

If you walk a bit to the right, into the tunnel, you will find him covered by a lot of debris. You will need to get it out of the way and move the spider-bot up, next to the ant.

That’s when the Robot Spider will wake up and thank you for saving him. If you open your journal, you’ll see that you can now turn into the spider-bot skin whenever you want!

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