Weird Strict Boss: How To Get All 9 Badges

Quick and easy guide to get them all!

Gameplay image of Weird Strict Boss in Roblox.

Horror survival Roblox game Weird Strict Boss gets extra challenging if you want to collect all 7 badges available in the game. Heavily inspired from the Residence Massacre and Weird Strict Dad, this horror game also has achievements linked directly to the gameplay.

Aside from the first 7 badges from the base game, 2 new badges were added with the Nightmare Mode update. You hardcore players don’t want to miss these badges, too!

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How To Get All 9 Badges

The badges in this game are pretty easy to get, although you’re going to have to repeat several runs for them. Since the majority involve different ways to end the game.

  1. You Played Weird Evil Boss badge: Launches the game.
  2. Bad News… badge: Watch the cutscene.
  3. You Survived Chapter 1 badge: Survive the first night/chapter.
  4. Caught Slacking badge: Dies from getting caught by the boss.
  5. X-Treme Hunger: Dies from Hunger (allowing hunger bar to reach 0).
Weird Strict Boss Hunger snacks
  1. Water… Water… badge: Dies from Thirst (allowing thirst bar to reach 0).
  2. I Need… Oxygen… badge: Dies from Oxygen (allowing oxygen bar to reach 0).
  3. Welcome to your doom badge: Plays Nightmare mode (unlocks after surviving Normal Mode once).
  4. Beat Nightmare Mode – Chapter 1 badge: Survive Nightmare Mode (unlocks after surviving Normal Mode once).

And those are all the 9 badges available in Weird Strict Boss game right now, including the recently added Nightmare mode badges!

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