Starfield: How to Recruit the Best Companion | Erick Von Price

The real treasure is the friends we make along the way.

Starfield has really given players an enormous universe to explore that is brimming with life. There are so many interesting characters, some of which you can even hire and put into your crew, which includes both main and side characters.

There are some companions that you may miss out on since they are featured in side missions. One of these is Erick Von Price, who is considered by many players as the best companion in the game. In this guide, we will show you how you can get him and ensure that he becomes a handy part of your crew.

How to Recruit the Best Companion | Erick Von Price

Getting Erick Von Price is part of a quest that will have you exploring both land and space. Additionally, you want to ensure that you follow all the directions precisely. Otherwise, you will not be able to recruit him.

Here are the steps to follow to obtain Erick Von Price:

  1. Start by arriving on Cydonia on Mars which is in the Sol System.
  2. Make your way to the Residential District in Cydonia and locate the Merchant, Jane Weller.
  3. Talk to her and she will give you the quest Start-Up Stopped, where you’ll have to locate her ship, the Berry Mule.
  4. Locate the Berry Mule in the orbit of Triton and select the appropriate dialogue options to get permission to dock.
  5. Negotiate with the Mercenary leader, Gustavo. Let him keep the ship but ask him to let Erick go.
  6. Free Erick and return to Jane Weller. She will let you keep Erick as you did not return the ship.
  7. Talk to Erick on your ship and recruit him into your crew.

NOTE: This guide continues with a detailed walkthrough below!

Detailed Walkthrough

Start by arriving on Cydonia which is on the Mars planet in the Sol System

Cydania Location on Star Map in Starfield.

You will land on the outside where there is no oxygen. Walk straight ahead until you come upon a building which has the sign Mining Colony of Cydonia on it. Follow the path until you come upon a door. This will lead you into the Central Hub of Cydonia.

Central Hub Location on Cydonia in Starfield.

Make your way straight ahead and walk down the slope. When the slope ends, enter through the door on the left which leads to the Residential area of Cydonia. 

Residential Area Location on Cydonia in Starfield.

Follow the stairs down until you are facing a large public area. Turn to the left and walk through the small doorway. There will be a merchant behind a large desk by the name of Jane Weller.

Jane Weller's Location in Starfield.

Talk to Jane Weller and she will tell you that her ship, the Berry Mule is missing, along with Erick Von Price. She will also tell you that the ship was last heard near Triton, the moon of Neptune.

It doesn’t really matter what dialogue options you choose here, as long as you agree to find the ship. This will activate the quest, Start-Up Stopped.

Talking to Jane Weller in Starfield.

Now make your way to the ship and reach the orbit of Triton. Make sure that you have the Start-Up Stopped quest activated as you will see a waypoint showing you exactly where the Berry Mule is.

The ship is located a bit faraway, so we recommend focusing on the waypoint and choosing the Travel option. This will allow you to fast travel to the Berry Mule.

Approaching Berry Mule in Starfield.

When you approach the ship, you will receive a transmission from them where they demand what you want from them. Be nice and choose the first option, stating that you were asked to find the ship.

After their response, choose the first option again where you say you want this resolved peacefully. They will give you permission to board the ship.

Speaking to Berry Mule hijackers in Starfield.

Dock to the Berry Mule and enter inside. You will find men with guns trained onto you, including their Mercenary Leader, Gustavo.

Choose the first option where you tell him that you don’t want trouble. After their response, choose the first option where you tell him that Erick was telling the truth.

Speaking to Gustavo in Starfield.

Gustavo will be very resistant and you may be tempted to convince or attack him. However, you should go for the second option where you tell him to keep the ship and let Erick go. He will agree to the proposition and allow you to free Erick

Telling Gustavo to keep the ship in Starfield.

Talk to Erick and choose the first option, where you tell him to get the hell out of there.

Freeing Erick Von Price in Starfield.

Return to Jane Weller on Cydonia. She will tell you that since you do not have her ship, you can keep Erick. Now that Erick has nowhere to go, you can find him on your ship. Talk to him and choose the first option, where you let him ask you what he wants to talk about.

He’ll ask you if he can join your crew as he feels inspired. Choose the first option where you welcome him into the crew. 

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Recruiting Erick Von Price in Starfield.

A menu will open where you can assign him to your ship. Erick Von Price is now part of your crew! So what exactly makes Erick Von Price the best companion in the game? Well, when you are assigning him, you’ll notice that he has two skills, Payloads and Astrodynamics

These are two skills that directly affect your ship. The Payloads Skill increases your Cargo Capacity by 10% and Aerodynamics reduces your Fuel Consumption by 20%. These are incredibly useful skills that both of the main characters in your crew will have.

Erick Von Price's Skills on Crew Roster Menu in Starfield.

The reason why Erick is so important is that he can serve as a backup. This is because, spoiler alert, there are situations in the game where your main characters may die. As a result, you will lose those important skills that can really be a make or break in some situations. 

Erick can act as backup by having these skills on the ready so that you can still have them equipped in some capacity. The crew members that he can act as backup for are Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan.

Sam Coe's and Sarah Morgan's Skills in Starfield.

And that’s how you get the best companion, Erick Von Price into your crew. Now you won’t have to worry about your choices in the story affecting your Ship at the very least. Although, you likely are going to be incredibly sad if you do lose those main crew members!

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