Weird Strict Dad: How To Beat Chapter 3 Complete Walkthrough

There’s a long road ahead of you!

Weird Strict Dad How To Beat Chapter 3 Complete Walkthrough

Some levels in video games can be quite long and confusing to go through for some people. That’s why there are guides for you to follow to make things a lot easier!

In Weird Strict Dad, there are a lot of chapters you’ll have to go through, and Chapter 3 is one of the more difficult ones. You’ll have to manage resources and fight a boss in the end so you should know what to expect!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can beat Chapter 3 of Weird Strict Dad. We’ll go through all the missions you have to do along with some tips on how to beat them. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do!

How To Beat Chapter 3 Complete Walkthrough

The third chapter of Weird Strict Dad has some resource management elements as well as a very long boat ride. The story also ends with a boss fight, so you should know what will happen to get ready! Here’s how you can beat Chapter 3.

SIDE NOTE: Weird Strict Dad has a Hide N Seek game mode. If you want to experience that then check out our Hide N Seek Gamemode guide for more information!

Packing Up Supplies

At the start of the chapter, your dad will ask you to load up some food, drinks, and gas in the car for the trip. This part of the chapter is important because the resources will carry over to the boat ride later.

To get the boat ride, you’ll need the following:

  • 10 Noodles
  • 1 Glass of Water

You’ll need these resources to buy the boat ride to the next island, so it’s best to go get noodles first.

Weird Strict Dad Baggage

To get noodles, you’ll need to go to the kitchen and get the noodles from the fridge. You’ll then need to cook the noodles on the stove before placing them in the car.

Weird Strict Dad Cook Food

For the glass of water, you’ll need to get a glass from the shelves near the fridge. Then, you’ll need to fill it up with the water dispenser right next to it before you place it in the trunk.

Weird Strict Dad Get Water

You’ll also need a lot of gas to get the boat moving, so get some gas from the living room. Taking the gas is easier since it only needs you to pick it up and take it to the car.

Weird Strict Dad Get Gas

Since the noodles take longer, make sure to have 10 noodles first. Then, get some water and finally stock up on gas. The objective says that you need to do this before 11 PM but sometimes, the game glitches and makes you go out at 10 PM, so keep that in mind.

Once you’ve loaded up the food and water, as well as the gas, ride the car and continue the story.

Driving The Boat

Once you’ve loaded up on supplies and ride the car, a short cutscene will play where you pay for the boat. You’ll then be teleported inside the boat where you can familiarize yourself with the layout. After a while, the boat minigame will start.

Your dad won’t be there to ride the boat with you, maybe because he’s too busy with the Become Dad Gamemode.

Weird Strict Dad Boat Control Panel

You’ll need to drive the boat around while managing your stats and the generator that needs fuel. To save on energy, turn off both Light 1 and 2 on the control panel.

The gas cans are at the back of the boat, and you’ll need to open the door to get it. Keep the door closed when you’re not taking gas, so that enemies won’t attack you.

Weird Strict Dad Boat Gas

You’ll then need to ride the Steering Wheel and the speed lever to drive the boat. It’s a long boat ride, so get ready for that. You’ll need to avoid the icebergs and as you play enemies will spawn on the boat. If you keep the door and lights closed, they won’t bother you.

NOTE: You can do this whole section without fighting. If you need to fight the enemies there’s a gun near the steering wheel on a table.

Weird Strict Dad Avoid Iceberg

Keep on driving the boat and refilling the generator. When the generator is refilled, the lights will turn on again. So, you’ll have to turn them off. Always remember to close the door behind you as well!

Once you’ve reached your destination, you’ll then get to an island with an airport and a car. Go inside the car to continue the story.

Weird Strict Dad Airport Island

Boss Fight

Once you’ve gone inside the car, it’ll drive to a nearby Gun Store. Sadly, it’ll be too early to buy guns. The store owner will give you a baseball bat for free though, so make sure to get one. After that, go back to the car.

Weird Strict Dad Baseball Bat

The car will then drive to the final boss cave. Once it stops, hop out of it and then go into the cave. Get ready since this is where the final boss fight happens!

Weird Strict Dad Boss Cave

When you go inside the cave, a short cutscene will play where your Mother will be strapped on a chair. The final boss Xenobus will be there, and you’ll have to fight him!

Use your baseball bat to hit him and make sure to run out of the way when he does an attack. He stays still when he does his attack, so it’s easy to dodge. Just keep on dodging and hitting him with a bat until he’s defeated!

Weird Strict Dad Xenobus Fight

Once Xenobus is defeated, you’ll see another cutscene where you save your mom and then a teaser for the next chapter plays!

That’s how you can beat Chapter 3 of Weird Strict Dad. Now, go out there and try to beat it yourself! The second chapter of the game has a lot of different endings. Check out our ending guide for Chapter 2 of Weird Strict Dad to know more!


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