Weird Strict Dad: Chapter 2 All Endings Guide | Mom, Secret Bad & Wrong Potion

What if you and I did things differently?

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Beginning Cutscene

You may have noticed the tooltips in Weird Strict Dad warning you about making the wrong potion once you break into the alchemy room. Clearly you made the right decision and chose to make the correct mix to sober up your dad before the sun rises. Right?

Well, if you’re morbid curiosity has been keeping you up late at night, then we’re here to put a stop to your tossing and turning! Check out the rest of the guide if you want to know what happens if you enable his bad behavior further! We’ll show you what happens to your mother as well, inside of the game at least.

Chapter 2 All Endings Guide

For the first few segments of the game, you won’t be doing anything different. Just follow the objectives until you’re free to roam around the basement. Your dad will leave (the basement) eventually to sleep on the couch or roam the upper floors after a few minutes of checking.

Remember to keep an eye on your Hunger, Energy, and Thirst. You can get a head start by feeding yourself or getting a drink before your dad opens the front door.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Basement

When your dad leaves, your objectives will update. Now, you have to make an antidote for your dad before 3AM.

Walk down the hall and turn right at the end before you reach the door leading to the alchemy room. Go past the shelf that has a giant battery on it and clean the book on the ground.

At this point, you should already notice seven things that you normally don’t see or hear around the house. Take note of those as well while heading to the alchemy room since you need to put in wrong answers.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Alchemy Book

Place the dirty book on the table at the far end of the alchemy room. This is where you can start getting different results for an ending.

You are to put in seven clues, to do this you need to tick the boxes on the left page. This is basically a possessed demon dad survey that will help you get the correct antidote.

Once you got all the seven clues down, a recipe will appear on the right page. You can find all of the ingredients for the potion in the starting room of the basement by the stairs.

You’ll get the recipe called “unknown potion” if you ever make the incorrect concoction.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Alchemy Book

Grab whatever ingredient you can from the shelf and toss all of it into the cauldron. Place all three ingredients and take the potion with you going back upstairs. You can only do this if your dad is taking a nap on the couch.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Basement

Normal Ending

Throw the potion his way and the normal ending will play out. Your mother will appear at the end for a short while until becoming possessed herself as well.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Ending

Wrong Potion Ending

Follow the guide again and come back to this part when you’ve done everything incorrectly on purpose. This may include putting in the wrong clues, or just creating the wrong potion to begin with. When you have the potion, return to the living room and throw it on your dad.

This will wake him up and the objective will just tell you to go hide in the basement again. Don’t do the latter, lower your game volume, and wait for him to give you a mean right hook. Can’t really mince words with this one, your dad literally kills you in this ending. Fun times!

Weird Strict Dad Wrong Potion Ending

3AM / Secret Bad Ending

If you wait until 3AM your dad will collapse and turn into a vegetable. He gets buried in the end along with your grandfather.

After some dialogue, a hand will pop out of his grave. This will give you the opportunity to restore the weave of fate. That means you can try again and do things right.

Weird Strict Dad Chapter 2 Ending

And those are the other endings you can get in Weird Strict Dad. Now you can rest easy knowing that he won’t choke you in your sleep for the next few nights!

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