Weird Strict Hotel Guard: Chapter 2 Complete Walkthrough

Just picking up some trash, what can go wrong?

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Weird Strict Hotel Guard offers a unique horror experience inspired by the FNAF series. You are given different scenarios that require you to manage your time and resources to survive the night. Many of these chapters can even get intense and difficult as they progress.

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Chapter 2 of the game requires you to hide in a hotel room and survive the night. In this guide, we will show you a walkthrough of how you can survive the night and complete the chapter. For the most part, we will be discussing strategies you can use, since survival depends on you using them. Let’s dive in.

Chapter 2 Complete Walkthrough

Chapter 2 starts off with you meeting the Hotel Guard in a cutscene. You’ll be asked to help him out by picking up some trash.

The task is pretty simple, all you need to do is find trash piles around the corridors. You can find multiple pretty easily and all you have to do is pick them up by holding E.

Collecting trash in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

Once the trash is taken care of, you will need to go to Room number 3. You’ll be able to find it by the number indicated on the right side of the door.

Room 3 in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

Once you enter the door, it’ll start off another gruesome cutscene where the Hotel Guard is killed by the monster. After that, the actual challenge of Chapter 2 begins, and you’ll have to survive the night.

The below image shows the main things you will need to focus on. But it misses another very important aspect: Turn off the Radio and Phone

You can find both of these devices in your Room and will need to pay close attention to them too.

Chapter 2 objectives in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

The first thing you want to do is immediately head outside and get food from the vending machine. Of course, while you do this, pay special attention to the sound. The monster will generally make a notable sound when he is heading to the room, which includes loud stomping.

Always make sure you top off your Hunger, and then take some extra food that you can hold in your hand. In this way, you can get some additional food later on without having to leave the room. 

Towards the later hours, you might not be able to get food frequently, so keep that in mind. In such cases, we recommend that you eat food twice from the vending machine, and keep a third one for later.

Vending machine in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

Once you have the food, you should immediately make your way to bed. The bed will allow you to keep your energy while also ensuring that you can hide from the monster. By spending the majority of your time here, you can ensure your survival.

Hiding in bed in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

The only real problem is the devices in your room that will periodically make sounds, such as the phone and radio. Familiarize yourself with them in your room, and make sure you are in a good position to turn them off immediately.

Almost always, the monster will head to your room when these devices make sounds. Turn them off and immediately head to bed. You can actually turn off the phone from the bed too which is super convenient.

The telephone is actually featured prominently in Weird Strict Dad and can be used to call multiple numbers!

Turning off phone in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

When he does head to the room, you will know by the sound he makes and the loud stomping that follows. Make sure you stay in bed when he comes in and as it’ll serve as a hiding spot.

Hiding in bed from monster in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

Keep in mind that he will get a lot more aggressive during the final hours.

It’s why managing your hunger and stamina at the start is so important, as it’ll help you push through in the end.

However, once you reach the 6AM mark, Chapter 2 will end, and you will have finished it successfully!

6AM reached in Weird Strict Hotel Guard.

That’s everything you need to know about completing Chapter 2 of Weird Strict Hotel Guard. The main thing about this challenge is managing your meters and the devices. For the most part, it is a simple task if you stay in bed. In the final hours, you might fail a few times but with experience, you’ll get a good grasp of when to hide.

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