What Happens When You Call All Numbers on Weird Strict Dad: Chapter 2?

Who you gonna call next?

Weird Strict Dad Telephone

You’re never really given the sense of urgency when playing Weird Strict Dad, let alone answers. All you know is that there’s a sales rep that keeps possessing him and now he’s out to kill you. Okay great, but what do we get to play around with in the basement when he’s away?

One thing that players might miss while they’re down here is the old Bakelite phone, probably because they don’t know how to operate it thanks to all the handheld devices being used these days. Check out the quick guide below if you want to know the numbers you can call!

What Happens When You Call All Numbers

The Bakelite phone or landline telephone is in the basement. It’s right next to the cauldron where you mix all the potions for your dad. There’s a good chance that you won’t see it during the first few minutes since you’ll be busy hiding.  

You can make six outgoing calls for laughs, gags, and a bit of spooks. It goes without saying that you should lower your volume while listening in.

Weird Strict Dad Telephone Cheeseburger

Upon interacting with the phone, you’ll be asked to put in a number. Here’s what you can dial while you’re not being hunted:

  • 666 – The number of the beast. Any sane person would recognize this number if they grew up in a house that believes 3AM is the time where demons go out to party. A few images accompanied by a loud stock sound effect will show up on your screen as well.
  • 911 – A reasonable number to call. This is to remind Roblox players that Weird Strict Dad takes place in the U.S. Where else will your family get possessed by demons past dinnertime in the middle of the suburbs? Someone will pick up the phone but will get immediately cut off by the same stock sound effect you heard from dialing 666.
  • 12345 – Calling this number will result in you being put on hold while being forced to listen to a lifeless corporate jingle. A fate worse than death.
  • 1435 – This the queen’s hotline. Which queen? Burger Queen. Calling them will instantly transport twenty to thirty cheeseburgers directly to your basement. Sadly the burgers are just for show.
  • 25122023 – The only dialogue you’ll get from calling this number is “It’s not christmas yet…
  • 09162023 – An operator will tell you that you dialed the birthdate of Weird Strict Dad. This will also play Weird Strict Dad’s first every lobby music.
Weird Strict Dad Telephone Basement NPC

And that’s what happens when you use an outdated mode of communication in Weird Strict Dad. Don’t forget to hide in the lockers every now and then!

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