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Survive your father’s onslaught for the night!

Weird Strict Dad Unknown Figure

Home is where the heart is, it’s where you’re supposed to feel safe and sheltered. All of that will change while you’re playing Weird Strict Dad. With so many things happening all at once, it can be quite confusing to figure out how things work, and your dad being the piece of work that he is, isn’t helping either.

That’s where we come in. If you’ve been struggling with Chapter 2 of the game, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to survive the night with your father by reading the rest of the guide below!

How To Survive Chapter 2 Walkthrough & Guide

When in the house for the first time, your dad will tell you to cook dinner at 9PM. That’s already a sign that things have gone awry as nobody in their right mind should be eating that late. Follow the initial objectives. These will include cooking noodles for everybody.

You’ll see your objectives update on the right hand side of your screen as you progress. Another thing to keep in mind is your Hunger, Thirst, and Energy. Because you really need to keep yourself well-fed while being chased around by a demon in the comfort of your own home.

Weird Strict Dad Kitchen

Your objective will soon turn red when someone tries to greet the creep outside of your house. The basement will be your next destination. Its best that you run down there before the front door even opens. Go for the lockers as they’re the ones closest to the stairs when you get down.

Your dad will look around the basement for a while before leaving, stay in the locker until he does. The objective will change to “Survive the night” when the coast is clear.

Weird Strict Dad Basement

When he leaves, what you need to do next is to find a battery and use it on the radio. Leave the locker and turn right into the rest of the basement.

Turn right again at the end of the hall to find the large battery sitting on a metal shelf. Behind that shelf will be a dirty book on the ground. Grab that too while you’re still in the same room.

Weird Strict Dad Basement

That book will be needed while you’re looking for at least seven clues. But first, go to the library. You need to place the dirty book you just cleaned up in there. The library will be the room to your right when you get out of the room where you got the battery from.

It’s a small room, so just grab the basement key on the table as well. Once you place the alchemy book on the table, it will light up the entire room.

Weird Strict Dad Basement Library

A plethora of check boxes will also be presented to you. There’s a total of 12 boxes on this book that you’ll need to clear.

When you tick at least seven, you’ll be shown three ingredients required to make a potion. This is for the antidote your dad will need before the clock strikes 3.

Pay attention to your surroundings before you fill up the possessed father survey. The anomalies you encounter or hear will help you fill in the boxes faster. All of these clues will be in the basement or on the first floor.

Weird Strict Dad Alchemy Book

Once you figure out what’s wrong with your dad by listing the clues, the second page will show you the potion.

NOTE: Results may vary depending on what you saw or heard while making your way to the library.

Make sure that the clues you put in are correct. Otherwise, you’ll get the wrong potion. For this guide, we’re going to make an Angel’s Noodle Nirvana.

Weird Strict Dad Alchemy Book

Every now and then, the objective will tell you to go hide while flashing in red. You can only hide in the basement; you won’t last long if you go upstairs.

The three ingredients will be in the basement as well, they’re all on the shelf right across the cauldron.

The cauldron is the first thing you’ll see when you run down here. Grab the ingredients on the shelf and place them in the cauldron in the order of first to last.

If you get a potion that says, “Unknown Potion”, then you made the wrong potion. You can go back upstairs once you produce the correct potion.

Weird Strict Dad Potion Cabinet

If he’s not busy hunting, then he’ll be on the couch sleeping. Walk up to him and throw the potion to trigger the ending.

Weird Strict Dad Ending

And that’s how you survive chapter 2 of Weird Strict Dad. Now you’ll know what to do whenever your dad lets a stranger into your house past dinnertime!

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