Where to Find American Flag on the Moon in Starfield

American lunar heritage

In the game Starfield, players can find the American flag on the moon. This iconic symbol pays homage to real-world space exploration history, allowing gamers to interact with a piece of American and lunar heritage within the game’s immersive universe. Read on to know where to find the American Flag on the Moon in Starfield.

Where to Find American Flag on the Mood

In order locate the American Flag on the moon, first, you need to find a specific book. You can find this “book” in the Lodge in Jemison.

Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Then turn into the third hallway on your right, and enter the second room on your left.

Lodge Hallway in Starfield

Room in Starfield

To activate the Visit The Apollo Landmark on Luna Mission Activity, simply read Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal from the table.

Sir Livingstone's Journal in Starfield

Open your missions tab, go to activity, and click Set Course for visiting the Apollo Landmark on Luna.

Activity in Starfield

Finally, you can simply go to the Sol galaxy system.

Sol Galaxy in Starfield

Click on Luna, and then press X to set your course for the Apollo Landing Site.

Apollo Landing Site in Luna in Starfield

As you land you could easily locate the American Flag by the Lunar Rover as shown in the image below.

Where to Find the American Flag on the Moon in Starfield

And that completes my guide on how and where to find the American Flag on the Moon in Starfield. I hope this article helped you. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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