Where To Learn A Healing Spell in No Rest For The Wicked

This merchant has everything you need for the spell.

In No Rest For The Wicked, you are a Cerim, known for being a part of a group of mystical holy warriors with remarkable powers. Your aim is to travel far away to the island of Isola Sacra to defeat the plague called Pestilence at any cost. 

When you’re fighting monstrous creatures, you’re bound to lose health in battles. A specific healing spell will ensure that you don’t die mid game and help replenish your health to stay safe. Stick around and I’ll tell you where to learn the healing spell from in No Rest For The Wicked.

Where To Learn A Healing Spell

Healing spells are not your only option to heal in the game, since you can also use food to replenish your health. However, the healing spells come in real handy when you’re out of food and don’t have access to cook more. 

This usually happens when you’re mid battle and need a quick health boost. Now, let’s look at the steps to learn a Healing spell.

  1. Talk to merchant named Eleanore in Sacrament.
  2. Buy the Heal Aura or Pulse of Health.
  3. Tal to Eleanor again and Go to Rune.
  4. Choose a weapon and attach the Rune.

And that’s how you upgrade your weapon to use a healing spell. Now, I’ll explain how to achieve each of these steps in detail. 

Let’s get started 

First, let’s look at where you can find a Merchant named Eleanore. Eleanore is a Merchant NPC in No Rest For The Wicked in charge of enchanting and infusing your Equipment. She is a tall woman, and you can find her in Sacrament. This is where you can find Eleanore if we look at the map.

The merchant in No Rest For The Wicked

When you find her, talk to her and out of all the options in the drop down on the left side of the screen, click Buy.

Eleanore in No Rest For The Wicked

She will have a bunch of items and the ones that are most relevant to you are the Heal Aura and Pulse of Health. You can buy either one of these.

Shop in No Rest For The Wicked

These are runes that will be attached to your weapon so both of them work. When you click buy, you will exit the shop. Next up, speak to her again and this time on the drop down menu, go to Rune

Attaching rune to weapon in No Rest For The Wicked

Here, you can pick your weapon that you want to attach the Rune to. Or more simply put, the weapon that you want to have the healing ability on. So, go ahead and choose your weapon, pick an open slot to put the rune and there you go! And that’s how you get your first healing spell.

Here’s how to use your healing spell

You can use your healing spell by pressing Y. But first, you need the weapon with the healing rune equipped on you. When you do that, you can press Y and your weapon will heal you a certain amount for you to proceed with your battle.

The healing spell will also not drain too much of your focus so that’s a plus! And if you’re looking for some free items, check out this guide on the Copper Pickaxe Location in No Rest For The Wicked.


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