Lost Ark: How to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance on any PC

Get to that beautiful 60 FPS in no time!

You are part of the select few who get to play the closed beta version of Lost Ark in the West. That’s amazing! But you know what is not amazing? FPS drops and stuttering. Those tend to be deal-breakers for many players around the world. So, what if I tell you that you can fix this problem and start testing this game properly? Let’s get right into it!

How to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance on any PC – Lost Ark

There are a few things that you can do to boost your performance for Lost Ark, but we are first going to start with the most obvious and straightforward thing to do:

Change the game settings

The easiest way to keep some of the quality while boosting the performance would be to set most of the video settings to Medium.

Particle Quality should be set to Low since it’s usually a big culprit for fps drops.

Anti-Aliasing should be Inactive as well. You can see most of the settings we recommend in the picture below:

Windows Settings

Now, let’s get into some Windows settings you could change to improve your FPS by 20-30%!

  • Turn Game Mode On

Search in your Windows bar for Game Mode and turn it on.

Most of the time it won’t do much, but it’s never bad for your games, and can sometimes increase performance.

  • Turn Xbox Game Bar Off

As before, search for the Xbox Game Bar in your Windows tab and turn it off, since it usually interferes with your games.

  • Disable Fullscreen Optimization and Override high DPI scaling behavior

Find the LOSTARK.exe file in your installation folder and right-click it to get into its properties.

In there, in the COmpatibility tab, check the Disable Fullscreen Optimization option to improve your FPS.

Afterward, select the Change high DPI settings button and select to Override high DPI scaling behavior.

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