Will The Next God Of War Return To Its Original Scale?

Will there be Running on Gods and Sky-Height Jumps?!

Although a fantastic game and a definite contender for the Game of the Year, something that a lot of older fans of the God of War franchise will miss is the huge vastness and the scale of things. In this article we shall discuss will the next game go back to its original scale. Let’s get started.

God of War – Will The Next Title Return To Its Original Scale?

Reinventing the franchise and completely building it up from the ground up with a completely new identity in 2018 was a very risky and bold move that turned out fantastic for the Santa Monica Studios.

Ragnarok is the end of the Norse Saga as we have known for quite some time and as it is confirmed by the game developers. Whatever, and whenever, the next mainline God of War game comes along it is going to take us to a new setting. If you have more questions about the future, you can check out our other article where we discuss it more – Will Sony Santa Monica Next Game Be Another God of War.

Scale Feeling

Whenever that does happen the biggest change that we would like to see is their sense of scale. If you haven’t played the first and original God of War games we definitely recommend you try them out.

Without spoiling anything, as you play God of War Ragnarok you will experience a lot of big monsters and enemies throughout the game, but that sense of scale doesn’t even touch the surface of the previous titles.

That amazing gracious feeling when you are as a tiny ant and you face the biggest of greek mythological gods only to show them who the real boss is, is truly a badass feeling. Something that we didn’t get enough of in Ragnarok.

Of course, this could be a conscious creative choice made by Santa Monica Studios. Maybe going for the measured approach of calamity and storyline creation based on the characters and you getting to get closer to them is without that epic god-running, eye-gashing, and sky-jumping scenes.

The original God of Wars achieved the massive scale with very clever zoomed-out shots and clever camera angles with the whole purpose of showcasing the grandeur of the environment and the size of everything from structures, to basically running on gods like Kronos.

Think of yourself fighting on a surface only to realize that it is a god and it is his hand. That his hand is moving left and right and punching another Titan while you are in it. Then you are getting thrown onto another god and so on.

One-Shot Camera & Future

The new one-shot camera in Ragnarok and the 2018 title simply don’t allow for this large scale. Now that they have done everything they can with the one-shot, we can definitely say that we hope they will drop it and maybe go back to at least mix it with the different types of cameras in God of War 3 for example.

If the next mythological setting is going to be Egypt for example, they can literally go crazy with the older camera types and big gods so they have no excuses.

Maybe the reason why the developers decided that wrap up the Norse Saga in 2 games is that they didn’t want to waste all the energy and tempo of the God of War in this style, and instead go back to the original in the new game.

Could this be the answer that the next game will go back to the original scale? Only time will tell.

Well, for now, we can just raise our voices and hopefully, they will be heard. We can speculate all along and hopefully get something that we truly want at the end. Whatever the case is, no matter what the devs will come up with next, ItemLevel will cover it first and we shall let you know about it.

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