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WoW: Dragon Glyphs Skytop Observatory Location

Where to find Glyphs Skytop?!

Dragon Glyphs are used to aff points in the talent tree. There are four zones, and every zone has ten glyphs. You can get 40 points in the Dragonflying talent tree. These points are used for your dragon-riding talent points. Follow this guide to find the Glyphs Skytop Observatory location.

Dragon Glyphs Skytop Observatory Location In WoW

The Dragonriding talents are needed in Dragonflight. You can find the Dragon Glyphs Skytop Observatory near Wingrest Embassy and Ruby Life Pools. When you reach this destination, you will see one big tower, and then with your flying mount, you need to go to the top of the tower. When you reach the top of the building above, you have a yellow-tinted object, and you must fly through them to earn it.

Leveling your dragon at maximum becomes a lot easier and fun. This talent allows you to stay longer in the air. To unlock this, you need to gather so-called Dragon Glyphs. You can collect all Dragon Glyphs at levels 60-61 in a short period when the Dragonriding is unlocked.

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