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WoW Dragonflight: All Thaldraszus Dragon Glyphs Locations

Find the Thaldraszus locations!

WoW Dragonflight All Thaldraszus Dragon Glyphs Locations

The new Thaldraszus location is playable. The players will start exploring a lot, the most of them will explore the Dragon Glyphs’ achievements. It needs to be collected for your Dragon to gain more strength. In this guide, we will show you all 10 Thaldraszus Dragon Glyphs locations.

All Thaldraszus Dragon Glyphs Locations

As you can see in the image above, I have pointed out all the Dragon Glyphs locations, which are all close. Let’s see them one by one.

The first one is the South Hold Gate, located at the entrance of Thaldraszus. It is located in one giant tower, and it is not that easy to reach the tower. When you get there, you will see four entrances to the Glyph.

The following location is located close to the waterfall from the mountain. To reach the Glyph in the mountain peak is very high. Therefore, take a few jumps, recharge, attempt to reach the peak, and collect the Glyph.

The third location is located in the Valdrakken. You will meet there five different massive towers. You must make sure to fly to the cliff in the tower in the middle one, which is the largest. If you can’t do this, take a rest, recharge your mount and try again.

The following location is located in Tryhold. Here it has a lot of buildings, and you might need help finding that because of the buildings. However, you will see the one-half tower, and right next to that tower, it has a medium rock in the sky. You need to reach the stone so you can collect the Glyph.

The next one is in the Vault of the incarnates. This is more difficult than the others to find. When you enter the Vault of the Incarnates, you will see a lot of lava, and you need to make sure that you can find safe places to recharge your mount and attempt to find the Glyph. The Glyph is located left from the Vault of the incarnates in the air, and it’s hard to find because of the smoke.

This is the most challenging Glyph to reach because it’s located on the top of the probably highest peak. There are a ton of invincible walls around it, and there are not so many safe spots to land. To complete this quest more manageable, we recommend completing the quest for the blue dragons given by Kaligos in Azure. You will earn the Whirling Surge ability, which is way better than the skyward ascent.

The next one is located in Temporal Conflux. This is an easy one. You can reach it in no time. Finally, the Glyph is situated in the tower entrance.

The following location is Algeth’era. First, you need to discover the Algeth’era court, and you will see one giant tower, and the Glyph is located at the tower’s peak.

The 9th location is the Algeth’ar Academy. To find the Glyph, you need to go to the most giant tower there, and you will see the Glyph at the tower entrance.

The last location is the Veiled Ossuary. The Glyph is pointed on the map. When you reach there, you will see a giant tower. In the huge tower entrance, there is the Glyph.

We have come to an end. This was everything you need to know about the 10 Dragon Glyphs location of Thaldraszus. Go back to the game and collect all the Dragon Glyphs.

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