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WoW Dragonflight: Dragon Glyphs Crumbling Life Archway Location

More items to collect, more achievements!

World of Warcraft has jumped back from the slump with the new Dragonflight Expansion and so far, it’s been received quite well by the player base. New quests, new races, a new story to follow and even new achievements to hunt this expansion has it all. That’s why players are flocking into the game, old and new to experience Dragonflight as it released and the game servers surely felt that! For those achievement hunters out there, you might be having trouble with this specific achievement so in this guide we’ll show you where to find the Dragon Glyph in the Crumbling Life Archway in World of Warcraft.

Dragon Glyphs Crumbling Life Archway Location In WoW Dragonflight

To find this Dragon Glyph you’ll first need to head up to the tower northwest of the Ruby Life Pools. From there you’ll have to get your dragon mount and aim for the northern tip of the tower to start your jump and glide.

Where you’re aiming is for the archway to the north, just keep on gliding until you see the glyph there. All you need to do is go past through the glyph and that will count as you finding it.

Once you do get it, you’ll get the Dragon Glyphs: Crumbling Life Archway achievement. There’s plenty of other Dragon Glyphs out there in the new zone so you should keep an eye for them and try to get all of them for an even grander achievement!

Congratulations you now know where to find the Dragon Glyph: Cumbling Life Archway in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Now go out there and get that one for yourself!

Many thanks to WoW Guides for showing everyone where that Dragon Glyph is, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Dragon Glyphs Crumbling Life Archway WoW

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