Roblox Z Battlegrounds: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Rapid kicks, slams, powerful beams! So many combos to learn!

Roblox Z Battlegrounds: Complete Beginner's Guide

In ROBLOX Z Battlegrounds, you’ll be able to participate in a dynamic battleground experience inspired by Dragon Ball. Once you step into the game, prepare yourself for epic battles against other players in a vast and immersive battleground. With various game modes available, ranging from intense 1v1 encounters to exhilarating group fights, the possibilities for excitement are endless.

When you first get into the game, you may not know how to get started. Since the battlefield is very chaotic, you will want to know how you can defend yourselves against other players. Moreover, performing great combos will give you a competitive advantage compared to other players. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the combos you can use to fight your way to victory.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

First, let’s get into one of the most basic controls. Apart from the 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons which you use to perform your skills, there are other keys that you need to memorize. These are your Dash, Ultimates and Block.

  • Q – Dash / (ragdolled) Evade
  • G – Ultimate
  • F – Block

Your first ability is the most iconic ability inspired by Dragon Balls. This ability is called Kamehameha. The ability will allow you to charge and fire a beam at your opponent. Upon successfully landing this skill, you’ll do a decent amount of damage while also knocking them backwards.

Roblox Z Battlegrounds: Complete Beginner's Guide

Your next ability is Draconic Variants. On activating this skill, you will perform a special move that starts with one initial hit. If this initial hit lands on your opponent, you’ll then do a powerful punch. This will knock them back and stunning them for a short duration.

Draconic Variants Roblox Z Battlegroundsz

The third ability in your skill set is Ki Kicks, which will allow you to perform rapid kicks at your opponent. While you do this ability, you can still change the direction of the ability based on where you are facing. This means that if you face the wrong direction at first, you can still change where you are facing.

Roblox Z Battlegrounds Kick

Your next ability is Finger Gun, a long range ability. Upon activating this ability, you will be able to fire a beam that knocks back and deals small damage to your enemies. Unlike your first ability, this one has a relatively short charging time so there is less risk of you missing your shot.

Roblox Z Battlegrounds Beam

Now that you know how your abilities work, let’s take a look at some combos that you can use to defeat your opponents in-game. These combos take a little bit of practice as you play, so take your time to memorize these and you’ll be able to master these moves.

Before we get to that, let’s know about how you can do some command moves. By doing M1 three times then pressing jump and M1, you’ll be able to perform a slam attack. Next, pressing M1 4 times while holding space will allow you to do an uppercut attack.

Short Combo 1: M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Finger Gun -> Q -> M1 x4 (While holding Space) -> Draconic Variants -> Kamehameha.

Combo 2: Q  -> M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Ki Kicks -> Jump + M1 -> Finger Gun -> Side Dash -> M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Draconic Variants -> Kamehameha.

Combo 3: Q -> M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Draconic Variants -> M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Ki Kicks -> Jump + M1 -> Finger Gun -> Q -> M1 x3 -> Jump + M1 -> Kamehameha.

That is all the information to help you fight better as a beginner. Fights may seem difficult for you at first, but you can always go in 1v1 matches to practice this combo on your opponent. You may want to first try this on a practice mode dummy before you can try this on an actual player. However, it depends on how you want to practice it!

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