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Whenever a blue moon makes its presence known and a good game comes out you get something along the lines of ZED ZONE, a lovechild of Cataclysm Cark Days Ahead and Project Zomboid. The only noticeable difference is that it’s no longer turn-based, meaning you have even more control of your character when it comes to dealing with all the mistakes you’re going to make on the fly.

The game is still in early access though so while plenty is having a fun time crashing themselves into a tree, others are asking if there will be any support for controllers in the future. Here’s what the devs have to say.

Controller Support Details | ZED ZONE

As of the moment, there hasn’t been any recent news about what the developer’s plans are for controller support, there aren’t any discussions about the topic either. It seems like it’s not a priority for the team due to the amount of content they’re trying to push for single-player upon full release.

The team, however, is open to suggestions from the local community, which is always a good thing. This reinforces the thought that the creators just won’t run away with your hard earned money once they feel like they’ve had enough.

On a side note, it doesn’t feel like the game needs a controller to be played properly. You can even say it’s a detriment to be moving around using one.

If you’ve seen the inventory management you can clearly tell that it’s much better to handle all of that with a mouse and keyboard, especially if you’re the kind who’s finicky about which item goes to what grid.

STALKER had this kind of inventory system as well while Project Zomboid didn’t, regardless of that the game still has controller support but for different reasons.

Don’t get this the wrong way, for combat? The game will be great for controllers, for everything else outside of combat is where you’ll have issues. But who knows, maybe they’ll find a way to give you the best of both options once the game gets developed further!

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ZED ZONE: Is There Multiplayer/Co-Op?

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