ZED ZONE: How To Convert Puddle Water To Clean Water

Don’t drink puddle water just yet.

The human body can go for 3 days without water. Cool, huh? Don’t actually try that, because you’ll be horribly sick. Video game characters though can go for so long without water, it’s crazy. They are, after all, video game characters. There’s something about them that makes them superhuman. Being able to jump high into the air, even doing a second jump? Man, wish we could do that in real life.

One thing we can do in real life that we can do in games like Zed Zone, however, is to convert puddle water into clean water.

How To Convert Puddle Water To Clean Water – Zed Zone

There are currently two ways to get Clean Water in Zed Zone.

First, you will need to get a Filter Drinking Bottle. Second, you will need to go out into the rain and press Tab to open your inventory. Once it’s opened, you should be able to see the option to drag the rainwater into your Filter Drinking Bottle. Your Filter Drinking Bottle will do all the water and convert dirty water into clean water.

Another way is that you can collect the water from the puddles and cook it to make it clean. You will need to build a Camp Fire, followed by a Cooking Hob.



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