ZED ZONE: Is There Multiplayer/Co-Op?

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Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and Project Zomboid have been sharing the same bed lately it seems. If you’re a fan of both titles then you definitely would want to take ZED ZONE for a spin! Witness the world fall apart during the middle of your shift and make donuts with the first car that you find in real-time!

The game is still in early access however but it’s looking quite promising, now that it has a decent amount of attention players are asking if there’s a multiplayer or co-op mode that they can sink their teeth into. Let’s see what they have to say about this.

Is There Multiplayer/Co-Op for ZED ZONE?

Cataclysm never really had its multiplayer mode, and most players were okay with that. It sounds like a nightmare even if you consider the idea any further.

The closest you would’ve gotten to CDDA was Project Zomboid’s most recent update, the only thing missing from all the chaos are the other unspeakable creatures that you come across.

This is where ZED ZONE comes in as you’re not just restricted to fighting zombies anymore, so you have a chance to run for the hills instead of holding out in one place all the time!

Right now there’s no news floating around for a multiplayer mode in ZED ZONE, the only features that the devs have mentioned on their steam page were local co-op and a battle royale mode. This is what they currently have in plan for the game once it gets a full release.

But who knows, if the game stays in the spotlight long enough more people will eventually ask for the ability to play with their friends. It’s all about making enough noise to nudge someone in the right direction after all!

Try the game out for yourself, the price is well worth your time for where it’s currently standing at the moment.

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