Adopt Me: How Much Is a Dalmatian Worth

Did someone say Santa Dog?

The Santa Dog isn’t available anymore. In a very recent update, the Santa Dog was dismantled into two pieces. An ultra-rare Santa Hat, and an ultra-rare pet, the Dalmatian. Since then, and even previously, the Dalmatian wasn’t available through ordinary means of acquiring. Today, you can only get the Dalmatian through trading, hence why so many want to know how much the Dalmatian is worth.

How Much Is a Dalmatian Worth?

The most frequent trade for the Dalmatian is a Turtle. So, in regards to how much the Santa Dog, or the Dalmatian is worth, it is somewhere in the neighborhood of a Turtle.

There are also other common trades for the Dalmatian which are the following:

  • Golden Dragon
  • Skele Rex
  • Kangaroo
  • Frost Owl

From the fact that you can get so much for this pet, we conclude that its value has grown exponentially. There is a good chance that it will still grow in the future, as only a handful of players have this pet, and it is becoming more and more rare.

Unfortunately, you cannot get this pet by ordinary means.

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