Aliens Fireteam Elite: Can You Stack Decals?

Can you make your stylish weapon even more stylish?

The developers of Aliens Fireteam Elite have managed to make a game that really encompasses the feeling of the James Cameron Aliens movies of the past. The gritty gameplay and the snarky dialogue really gives you the vibe of the old school Aliens theme. But enough about the movies, let’s talk about the epic skins you can get on your weapon. And more importantly, can you stack more decals on a single weapon? All will be answered in this article!

Can You Stack Decals? – Aliens Fireteam Elite

We all know that having skins for your weapons is nothing new, we’ve all gotten really used to the bright colors and the military camos, or the combination of both.

Aliens Fireteam Elite adds something interesting though, that will remind you of the cars in GTA. You know how you can put crazy writing on them? Yeah, something like that.

You put some really funny or terrifying decals in there and you’ll start feeling like a real renegade while slaying some aliens left and right.

The way you can get these decals that can say stuff like “Adios” and “No Refunds”, which will make you chuckle a bit when you kill some enemies, is in the shop, at the Decals category.

Now, you know what would be really cool? Sticking decals on your weapon like sticking magnets on your fridge! Unfortunately though, you can’t stack decals on your gun.

I know, I know, disappointing, but there are a lot of people that are calling for a change, so don’t give up on your hope, since there might be a chance we’ll get this bonus in the future!

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