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Aliens Fireteam Elite: The Gift Of Fire | All Intel Locations

Gather all the necessary intel to get a trophy!

Killing aliens is alright, I guess, but burning them into little pieces of roast beef is a whole new experience altogether! Now, Aliens Fireteam Elite will offer you the opportunity to defeat the trademarked aliens in many fun ways, but there are other things that happen in this game, on the side, that could be considered boring. That is, collecting intel. Since you probably don’t want to look around the place a lot in an action game, I am here for you and will show you exactly where you can find all the intel!

All Intel Locations – Aliens Fireteam Elite: The Gift Of Fire

In total, there are 9 log files that are considered intel which you’ll have to collect in order to get a little trophy.

If that is something you wish to do, here are the locations where you can find these logs:

  • Log 03

    In the beginning of the mission, go back to the bald statue behind you where there are some lights.
    On the left side you’ll find a laptop with the intel on it.

  • Log 02

    You will get out of a tunnel into a room with three sets of columns in a row where you also have an objective.
    Go to the end of the room and, as you go there, you will see on your right an engine with two traffic cones around it that has a log on it.

  • Log 01

    In the room with the huge statue head (you’ll know what I’m talking about), defeat the enemies.
    After that, go behind the statue, to the left as you look at it from behind, and you’ll find the intel hidden behind a column.

  • Log 06

    As you start the second mission, you’ll have to pass through a few tunnels. At some point, you’ll reach the place in the following picture.
    Go up the platform and to the left you’ll see a few lights and crates. On top of the crates you’ll find the intel.

  • Log 09

    After you “Activate Instrumentality”, you’ll have to go down a path to the left, by following the objective.
    You will be attacked by an alien from the right. After defeating him, climb up to the right from where he came and you’ll find a desk and big bright light with the log file.

  • Log 05

    Once you’ve made it to the pods where the aliens “grow up”, you’ll follow a path to the left that will break into two tunnels. One to the objective to the right, and another one to the left.
    Ignore both sides and look further to the left where you’ll see a dead baby alien that has some intel on him.

  • Log 04

    After you’ve seen the big hologram with a “helmet”, you need to go to the left down a tunnel.
    Where you end up fighting the zombie looking aliens, to your right, where the chairs are, you’ll find a helmet on one of the chairs with intel on it.

  • Log 07

    If you’ve made it to the objective shown in the picture below, advance to the left, and then to the left again.
    Behind the chairs in the room you will enter, there will be a severed tentacle that will provide you with some more intel.

  • Log 08

    When you reach the control room, with the big telescope/laser looking thing in the middle, go to the left and approach one of the consoles.

That’s where you will find the last log file.

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