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Aliens Fireteam Elite: “Cannot Join Game: Game Is Already Full” Error

Let’s see why you can’t play this game properly…

As a true predecessor to the old school movies, Aliens Fireteam Elite is a true action horror game that will make you truly feel like your life is in danger. Well, the zombie aliens not so much, but you get my point! In moments like these, we should be happy that we have 2 friends or strangers helping us in this mission… Oh wait, your matchmaking doesn’t work and you’re playing with Alpha and Beta, huh? Well, let’s see if there is any way to fix the error or if something is being done about this.

“Cannot Join Game: Game Is Already Full” Error – Aliens Fireteam Elite

If you’re playing Aliens Fireteam Elite on the Xbox Series X, you might have stumbled on the “Cannot Join Game: Game is Already Full” error, which will really bum you out.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, you can’t use matchmaking on the Xbox while playing this game. The developers have taken note of this problem since launch and have released a patch.

The problem with this solution is that Microsoft takes 2-3 days to approve patches / updates  for the games on their platform.

So, if you blame someone for this, blame Microsoft, since their bureaucracy is government level.

Now, if you don’t want to wait a few days for the game to receive the patch and don’t want to play with Alpha and Beta, there is a method to play with someone else.

Yes! Xbox, or now Microsoft, Clubs! You can find here other players that are looking for companions and respond to them to play together.

It’s very straightforward, even though it’s a bit more effort. But if you’re desperate, this is your only method.

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