Aliens: Fireteam Elite PATHOGEN – Best Doc Build

Be the biggest Help to your Team!

Aliens Fireteam Elite PATHOGEN - Best Doc Build

There are all sorts of classes that you can choose from when playing the Fireteam ELite Pathogen. One of the most forgotten, but certainly the most useful one, is the Doc. It is a build that will let you help out people. In this guide, we will be showing you the Best Doc Build that you should be using. Let’s get started.

Best Doc Build – Aliens: Fireteam Elite PATHOGEN

If you are looking for the most unique playstyle in the Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen world, well the Doc will give you just that. You will be healing people left and right and also dealing damage to a lot of the monsters coming your way.


Source – TG Whitta

These are the best perks that you should at least consider having on your Doc:

  • Support System – it will make your total outgoing healing much better by 20% and the ability to recharge for your allies will go up by 15%. They just need to be standing near you for this to take effect.
  • Neurotoxin Specialist – when you will do damage to the enemies you will weaken them. This in term will open up the possibilities for your teammates to be doing more damage to them
  • Readiness – you will get overall better buffs for reload speed, handling
  • Bedside Manner – this is crucial for the Doc. You will be able to pick up fallen allies twice as fast and your home team’s bleed-out timer is increased by 25%
  • Migraine Solution – headshots that you will deal to aliens will reduce the cooldown of stims by 1 second. This is able to stack up and you’ll get much shorter cooldowns.
  • Suppression Station – your Trauma station will have a much larger radius and you will debuff all the enemies that will enter it
  • Enhanced Reach III – a total increase of the radius for your abilities by an 18%
  • Peace of Mind – works very well with the Trauma station buff. This simply increases the radius of the station by 20%


Source – TG Whitta

You will need to be using the Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle with the Doc. This will give you just enough firepower to push back all the aliens that might be coming your way. Once you combine it also with the buffs that you have it will be very powerful.

As a side arm, you will want to be using the 8A7 Dambulla Machine Pistol. You can of course switch it up with something else but the extra rapid firepower is handy.

That’s everything that you need to know about the Best Doc Build for the Doc. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how you need to play him out. A big thank you to TG Whitta from YouTube. Check him out here for more details.

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