Gray Zone Warfare: First Hit Quest Guide | Mithras

Take down your first boss with this easy guide!

There are many tasks to complete in Gray Zone Warfare, the hot new extraction shooter out right now. Among them is First Hit, which will have you killing your very first boss NPC in the game. Here is a quick guide on how you can do it, specifically for players of the Mithras faction.

First Hit Quest Guide | Mithras

While this guide is specifically for the Mithras faction, you can still benefit from this as a member of the other two. This is because the starting towns are largely the same, just with different coordinates and names.

The only objective here is to eliminate the criminal leader in Nam Thaven. He is usually found in or near the Marketplace, which is the largest structure you will see in the map.

Gray Zone Warfare map showing the location of the marketplace in nam thaven

He is easy to distinguish from common enemies due to his red beret and round sunglasses. Once you kill him, the task should be completed. If you didn’t get credit for the kill, you will have to wait for him to respawn.

We are unsure of how long the respawn timer is, but some players have noted that it can take around 10-15 minutes, but possibly longer. You will just have to get lucky and hope that he hasn’t been killed in your server yet.

Gray Zone Warfare player approaching the dead boss

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to completing this early game task, which is just one of many. While you’re here, if you are a Mithras player, check out our guide on all of the tasks in Gray Zone Warfare as well!


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