Amplifying Trial Guide – Genshin Impact

Double the damage, double the fun by using the correct elemental reaction!

Things are getting more and more challenging in the Misty Dungeon quest. The fifth part of the event is called the Amplifying Trial. This event focuses on amplifying the damage of your characters by utilizing the melt and vaporize damage.

Amplifying Trial – Genshin Impact

If you do not already know, triggering a Melt or Vaporize elemental reaction will increase the damage output of your characters. 

You will need a Cryo or Hydro character, and a Pyro character to trigger the elemental reaction.

In the Amplifying Trial, we recommend using Ayaka or Xingqiu, and Diluc for the Pyro damage. You can also use Thoma in your team for the double Pyro resonance which increases your attack damage.

The very first rune is just north of where you spawn. You need to defeat 7 enemies here to complete the challenge. Go north and enter the room in the center, following the red beams in the sky. 

You will find the second rune here. Activate it and defeat all 7 enemies once again. Exit north and follow the path to your right. 

Activate the third and last rune, where you have to defeat 4 Fatui Agents.

Follow the quest marker and activate the ruins control array. Drop down and be prepared to fight Ruin Sentinels for the last challenge. 

Amplifying Trial Rewards

Below are the rewards for the Amplifying Trial event:

  • Complete the trial – 40 Primogems, 4 Hero’s Wit, and 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore 
  • Trigger 20 Melt or Vaporize elemental reactions – 20 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Guide to Elegance 

Now, burn your enemies and amplify your damage in this event!

On to the next trial, the Transformative Trial.

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