Anime Champions Simulator: Godly Warrior Astral Boros Guide & Showcase

Those are some huge DPS numbers!

Anime Champions Simulator Godly Warrior Astral Boros Guide & Showcase

A lot of games these days have continuous updates for players to enjoy. Most of these updates often bring new content and changes to the game that can shift the meta around. For some games, that means the introduction of a new character!

In Anime Champions Simulator, there is the new Godly Warrior Astral Boros. A beast of a unit that can deal trillions of damage with the right quirks! You’ll want to get this unit to be ahead of the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can get this unit, its stats, and which quirks and talents are the best for it. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to maximize that DPS for this unit!

Godly Warrior Astral Boros Guide & Showcase

There are many units in Anime Champions Simulator and the newest one is the Alien Conqueror or as we know him, Boros. Not only is it one of the highest DPS units in the game right now, but it also brings with it a new rarity!

SIDE NOTE: This unit also works as a Punch character. Make sure to check out our best Punch builds for more information!

Astral Unit & Skins

With this new unit comes the new Astral rarity for both units and skins. When you get an Astral unit, they will automatically be set to Godly and is in Ascension 3. That means you don’t have to worry about upgrading them to that.

Anime Champions Simulator Astral Skin

The new Astral skins will be one of the rarest skins in the game, but it also comes with the best bonuses.

Alien Conqueror Boros

This new Alien Conqueror unit has a 1 in 500 chance (0.2%) of being dropped in the Capsule in the Punch City World. As you can see from the image below, it’s one of the cooler-looking characters out there in the game. Not only is the unit huge, but it’s also constantly giving out this white aura around it.

Anime Champions Simulator Alien Conqueror

The average DPS of this unit at Level 1 is around 1.9k and at the maximum level, it has a DPS of 1.23 Trillion! That’s without any passives, talents, or any other bonuses you can get in the game.

Anime Champions Simulator Alien Conqueror Ability

The ability that this champion has can increase its DPS by a tremendous amount. The unit jumps into the air and then deals a ton of damage as it stays up for around 10 seconds.

Maximizing DPS For Boros

Now that you know how the Boros champion works, you’ll want to know how we can maximize the DPS. This unit has one of the highest DPS ceilings in the game and it’s all up to your luck on how the quirks, skins, and talents. Here are some tips on how to build this unit.

Best Quirks:

  • Titan
  • Boxer

Best Skin: Astral Warrior

Anime Champions Simulator Talents

For the Talents, try to maximize everything to the best of your luck and resources. Of course, the better the talents the higher the DPS so something like the one shown above can be amazing.

With the right champions supporting this unit and with the right weapons this unit can easily reach around 1.22Q DPS! So try and get the best weapons and units to pair with this one!

That’s how you can get the Godly Warrior Astral Boros in Anime Champions Simulator and how the unit works. Now go out there and try to get one for your team! If you don’t know how runes work in the gam,e go check out our complete Runes guide for more information!


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