Anime Crossover Defense: How To Maximize Your Power Guide

The power creep is real!

Your stats can make it or break it in Anime Crossover Defense, so it’s important to know how to maximize your Power stats.

Power is an innate stat that all of your units have, and it has a huge effect on their Attack. However, it’s a somewhat esoteric stat that the game doesn’t properly explain and it also seems to have no real way to increase it.

In this guide, we’ll demystify the Power stat in Anime Crossover Defense! We’ll tell you exactly how it works and how to increase it for any unit you want.

How To Maximize Your Power Guide

Power Stat

The main thing you need to understand when it comes to each unit’s Power in this game is that it’s dependent on your Player Level when you obtained them. Basically, a unit summoned at Player Level 1 will have a much lower Power stat than an otherwise identical unit summoned at Player Level 100!

Comparison of Attack at different Power levels

Power itself also affects a unit’s innate Attack power, though the exact formula isn’t known. Nonetheless, a unit with 200 Power is going to greatly outdamage a unit with just 20 Power.

Power Transfer station

If you have a unit you like that has a low innate Power stat, you can increase it through Power Transfer. You can do this anytime at the aptly-named Power Transfer station in the Summon building.

Simply use the station and choose the unit whose Power you want to increase. Then select a duplicate of that unit as a donor. The donor unit will be sacrificed, but its Power will be transferred to the unit you chose before. It’s as simple as that!

Power Transfer in proccess

Do note, though, that only Power is transferred. This process doesn’t transfer Traits, Mythic status, unit levels, or anything else. Make sure to keep this in mind!

However, since innate Power is tied to Player Level, this also means that you shouldn’t worry too much about Power Transfer until you hit the level cap of 100. If you want to truly maximize your Power, you should wait until you hit the level cap. All your summoned units will be at the peak of their Power then.

Nonetheless, that’s the only way to maximize your Power currently. If you want to get even stronger, we have a guide on how to become overpowered. Also, check out our tier list for the best Challenge Rift units and learn how to stack buffs!


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