Tankiest Mages In League Of Legends Ranked

Can you deal AP damage while tanking damage?

Mages are mostly seen in the midlane in League of Legends. However, the meta frequently changes, and depending on the champion, they can be used in other lanes. This guide will rank the tankiest mages in League of Legends. 

Tankiest Mages Ranked – League of Legends

Mages in League of Legends can deal a lot of AP damage or magic damage in the game. Most of the time, they can one-shot champions or burst champions using their skills. However, some mages like Cassiopeia can provide a more consistent, sustained AP damage throughout the fight. 

However, there are some Mages in League of Legends that can become tanky and absorb damage while dealing damage as well. You can see them on the list below.

  • Veigar will be on the top of our list. Simply because Veigar has a stacking passive, and he can gain AP even if you build tank items on him. This can make him tanky but still hurt when he gets enough stacks. This build is great if you are using the Veigar bot. 
  • Ryze will be the second one on our list because of his abilities scale with his mana. You can build tank mana items like Fimbulwinter and Frozen heart on him and still deal damage while being tanky. 
  • Next on the list is Swain. Due to the nature of his abilities, he can be a bit tanky while dealing some damage. 
  • You can also use Vladimir if you want a mage that has a great health sustain. His passive can also give you a bit of tankiness. 
  • If you use Lissandra with aftershock, she can sustain some damage following with her ultimate. The rune can make her last in fights more, which is great for a team fight comp. 

Mages mostly stay in the midlane. However, champions like Veigar can go on Bot or as a support due to his kit.

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