Dying Light 2: Nightrunner Hideout 2 Safe Code

With the right combination, you’ll gain a collectible from this safe!

Safes are one of the items you can loot and open in Dying Light 2. In most quests, you need to get a specific combination or even solve riddles to get the right combination and open the safe. This guide will show you the safe combination for the second Nightrunner Hideout in Dying Light 2.

Nightrunner Hideout 2 Code – Dying Light 2

Nightrunner Hideouts is a great hiding spots and it can unlock the area. Going to the Nightrunner Hideouts can also establish a safe zone and open up the area.

NOTE: It is important to open up as many safe zones as you can in Dying Light 2.

One of the Nightrunner Hideouts contains a safe that requires a passcode combination. Head to the area on the map and you will see a bus with a safe inside. If you want to know the passcode, you have to climb up the tower near you.

At the top of the tower, you will find a case containing a riddle. Go back to the safe and enter code 9 6 6 to open up the safe.

Once the safe opens, you will get a collectible inside.

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