Apex Legends: Season 13 Ranked System Explained

How do you climb the ranks this season?

Apex Legends has always been a competitive game, with the Predator rank a dream for many players. In season 13, there are some new changes in the rank system. This guide will explain the rank system in Season 13. 

Season 13 Rank System – Apex Legends

The Season 13 of Apex Legends is now live, and we have new legends like Newcastle in our lineup. Newcastle is a defensive legend that can provide shields and walls during the fight. Aside from this, we also have some changes to the rank system. 

The goal of the rank changes is to promote team play. Whenever someone in your team gets a kill, you will now have some RP even if you did not get any assist. The Kill RP Cap has been removed as well but the kill RP value is now less than before. 

When it comes to assists, the timer is now updated to 15 seconds. When the player has been revived, the assist timer resets. 

Tier and Entry Cost Changes

There is a new tier called the Introductory ‘Rookie’ tier, and it does not have any entry cost. Other ranks now have entry costs, including Bronze. The Rookie tier is a one-time tier, and you cannot get any RP rewards on this tier. 

Each RP Threshold for the tiers has been increased and each division RP is increased by 200. Killing a lower-tier player will give you less RP. Placements still grant more RP than kill participation. 

What makes Season 12 more challenging is that you can now get demoted to a previous division. If you get demoted, you will have 50% RP of the previous division. However, if you get promoted, you will have a 100 RP promotion bonus. 

After being promoted to a higher tier, you will have 3 games of demotion protection if you lose.   You can find the entry cost changes in the photo above. Kill stealing has been fixed, and you cannot steal the kill of another downed party anymore. 

The Season 13 Apex Rank challenges made the competitive scene more challenging and players now have to be wary of being demoted. 

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