The First Descendant: Where To Find Humanity’s Scourge Quest

Take down the GraveWalker before it powers up!

You will reach a point during The First Descendant where you will be tasked with starting the Humanity’s Scourge quest, but the game isn’t fully clear on where to find it.

There’s a certain NPC you have to find and talk with, who will then properly continue the quest for you. It’s pretty simple on paper, but the game’s locations are pretty large so it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack…

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Humanity’s Scourge quest starting point.

Where To Find Humanity’s Scourge Quest

Seneca's location

“Humanity’s Scourge” is a main story quest in The First Descendant, so you can’t miss it. It’s near the end of the Kingston questline. You can start the quest in Albion, which is the hub area where you go when not exploring the world itself. More specifically you need to go to the northern part of the hub where Seneca is.

Talking with Seneca

When talking with Seneca, simply choose the “Humanity’s Scourge” option. Seneca will give you some lore and context while talking about a Colossus classified as GraveWalker. Your task is to intercept this Colossus before he can further strengthen himself and become a bigger threat.

This quest is basically just a boss fight against the GraveWalker and also acts as a tutorial for the Void Intercept Battle game mode. As such, the GraveWalker is a fairly simple boss fight. It has relatively easy attacks to avoid as long as you stay mobile, but it’s a big bullet sponge as well. Be ready to spend upwards of 5 minutes in the boss fight alone!

GraveWalker boss fight

We recommend bringing a friend or two for this one. One player should draw aggro while the other player shoots the GraveWalker in the back for extra damage.

Nonetheless, now you know where to find the Humanity’s Scourge quest in The First Descendant and what to do to complete it. Take down the GraveWalker and you’ll be able to continue the main questline, as well as unlock access to the Void Intercept Battle mode which lets you face off against various bosses!


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