Are There Community Mods In Nightingale?

Craft away in the Fae wilds!

Are There Community Mods In Nightingale?

The open-world crafting survival genre is one of the most popular in gaming, with one title in particular piquing the interest of the masses: Nightingale.

The game is all about navigating complex labyrinths and arcane portals as you travel through the Fae Realms. You can tackle the journey to Nightingale on your own, or with a group of friends!

With Early Access coming shortly, those eagerly anticipating the game can’t help but ask: are there community mods in Nightingale?

Are There Community Mods in Nightingale?

There are plenty of reasons why a game such as Nightingale would benefit from community mods. After all, mods have shaped the legacy of incredible games in the past, with perhaps the most groundbreaking titles being Doom and Half-Life. Many developers of Nightingale have also dabbled in modding for various games, so they know these benefits more than most.

SIDE NOTE: We have a FAQ (Frequently-asked-Questions) article for Nightingale. Make sure to check it out for more information!

NPC in Nightingale.
Friend or foe? You’ll know soon enough.

That said, Nightingale won’t have community mod support — at least at launch. It’s not going to be easy to manage a gaming world as big as Nightingale, and having the servers potentially being overloaded by community mods is likely to sour the experience.

Once the developers have a clear roadmap for their game moving forward, they’re likely to revisit the matter. For now, community mods are out of the picture.

Fortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that Nightingale is shaping up to be an incredible experience!

Unnamed hostile character in Nightingale.
Uhhh, we’ll leave you to that. Have fun!

Found this little article useful? We’ll have many more guides concerning Nightingale in the coming weeks! In the meantime, check out our article on whether Nightingale have dedicated servers or not.


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