Are There Skinnies In Starship Troopers Terran Command?

Friend or Foe?

Those familiar with Starship Troopers lore know that there are more than one enemy that the United Citizen Federation fought during the Arachnid War: The Skinnies. Don’t let the name fool you, these aliens allied themselves with the Bugs in order to eliminate humanity from the face of the universe.

However, after being raided by the Federation countless times, the Skinnies eventually switched and allied themselves with the Federation, feeding them intel that would help lead the Federation to victory in their war against the Arachnids.

Starship Troopers Terran Command: Are There Skinnies?

While the game does follow the movie universe, and is said to take place after the Battle of Klendathu, the Skinnies will not make an appearance in the game. Not even a mention of them. Which is no big loss for fans of Starship Troopers.

While the Skinnies are part of the lore, they are only ever mentioned briefly in the books, and were not even featured in the movie. If the Skinnies do make a future appearance in the game as enemies, they will be considerably easier to beat.

According to the lore in the books, the Skinnies were so easy to beat that by the time the Arachnids arrives, the Skinnies had almost been defeated by the Federation. So, if the game tries to follow the lore on how strong the Arachnids are, then if they do bring in the Skinnies, they will have to be lore-friendly as well, making them basically cannon fodder.

All in all, the lack of Skinnies in the game shouldn’t be too bad, as I’m sure most fans of Starship Troopers have only seen the movie, where they weren’t mentioned at all. The focus being on the Bugs is a great move on Slitherine’s part, as they are the most deadliest enemy the Federation has faced.

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