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Can You Play As The Bugs In Starship Troopers Terran Command?

Bugs. Why is always bugs?

The biggest threat that humanity has faced in Starship Troopers are none other than the Arachnids, or more commonly known as “Bugs” by humanity. These hostile aliens have ripped through the soldiers of the United Citizen Federation like they’re just paper. Which is why playing as them would be cool.

While we are humans, and that we want our brave men and women of the United Citizen Federation to win, fans will always wonder what would it be like to play as the enemy? With the upcoming release of Starship Troopers: Terran Command, the question is asked constantly.

Starship Troopers Terran Command: Can You Play As The Bugs?

During a Twitch Stream on Slitherine’s official Twitch channel, marketing director Marco A. Minoli explained on stream about having the Arachnids as a playable faction. According to Minoli, playing as the bugs is not an option. The only playable faction in-game will be the United Citizen Federation.

They are aware that this news will disappoint players, but the choice to not include the Arachnids as a playable faction is due to balancing issues. According to Miloni, Slitherine received feedback from players playing a demo back in October, 2021 about the balancing issues, thus the decision to keep the game focused on the Federation faction. He said that adding another faction would just increase the workload.

While it is disappointing, having playable Arachnids would mean that they will have to tone down the bugs. In the movies and books, the Arachnids are incredibly powerful. They can easily slice through Federation armor and can overwhelm a base in a matter of seconds once they reach it.

If the developers were to add the Arachnids in the game, they will have to essentially make them weaker than their movie and books counterpart. The developers obviously wanted to focus on being lore-friendly in this situation, so we can’t blame them.

However, there is still hope that they will be able to update the game to include a playable Arachnid faction. After all, games these days regularly receive updates to include more content post-launch. If Slitherine has plans to support Terran Command past it’s launch, then there is hope for a playable Arachnid faction.

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