AUT: All Farming & Quest Items Location Guide

Come extra prepared with this comprehensive guide.

AUT (A Universal Time) is a Roblox game that’s entire premise is: what if every popular anime in the entire world had a crossover? This is an RPG game that lets you customize your own characters and build them by doing quests or farming gear and XP.

If you are a new player just joining the game, then you need to know a couple of things about farming and the quest items locations.

So, it will be easier for you to go through the quests in the game! In this guide, I will show you how to do just that, so that you can have a better gaming experience with AUT.

All Farming & Quest Items Location Guide


Playing through the game, you will notice that there is a progression system that requires you to gear up to fight stronger opponents.

Leveling up just isn’t enough, you need to have the best gear suited for the fight. With that in mind, the first and most common method of farming in the game is fighting enemies until they drop chests.


Chests can drop in different rarities, with Common being the lowest rarity and Legendary being the highest. When starting the game, you will mostly get Common chests when enemies drop them.

But as you progress through the game, chance of getting higher rarities of the chest will increase, but so will the Common chests as well.

You should also watch out for the item purity of the item that’s in the chest. Basically, a higher item purity will fetch a bigger price tag compared to lower purities in the Black Markets.

If you are not sure what the item purity does, check out this detailed guide that explains item purity and what it does.

Common chests dropped from an enemy in AUT.

Astral Chest

However, there is a very rare chest in the game that holds better rewards than a Legendary chest. This is the Astral Chest, and this chest is so rare because it only spawns with a 30% chance every 30 minutes around the map.

One such reward you can get from the Astral Chest is the PLANET//SHAPER, which is an original skill in the game.

But, even if you do find the Astral Chest before it disappears, you might not be able to open it because the chest requires an Astral Key to open.

Astral Keys are hard to come by and mostly come from doing endgame content. If you are just starting, then you may have to miss out on Astral Chests until you reach endgame content.

Astral Chest in AUT.

The Mysterious Gap

But don’t fret, because there is one more method of farming. However, this one is the most dangerous and rarest method of farming: The Mysterious Gap.

This is a tear in the fabric of reality that pops up around the map every 10 minutes, but with only 18% chance of appearing.

Players will go around the map to find the location of The Mysterious Gap to enter it because the rewards are so good and so rare. But The Mysterious Gap only accepts one person to enter, so if you are not able to enter the gap, your screen will flash red for a few seconds before going back to normal.

This signals to everyone that someone entered The Mysterious Gap and will have to wait for the next spawn. Once inside The Mysterious Gap, you will then be teleported to the Boundary, which is chock full of places to loot, as well as the Sakuya side quest.

The Mysterious Gap in AUT.

Quest Items

Moving on to quest items, we will have over 14 quest items in the game. All of these will naturally be discovered as you progress through the game, but you can find them early on if you’re very lucky or strong already.

Corrupted Soul

First off, we have the Corrupted Soul. This quest item requires the most luck, as you need to get Dragon Balls first by fighting enemies until a chest drops and you get a Dragon Ball when opening it.

This is part of Goku’s quest, and once you have the opportunity to summon Shenron and have your wish granted, you will need to choose Corruption. This will then grant you 1x Corruption Soul.

Going around fighting enemies until they drop chests in AUT.

Corruption Arrow

For the next quest item, you will get the Corruption Arrow. This arrow can be acquired by simply doing the Bon Shaker side quest from Bon.

Simply follow the side quest until you need to bring him a Requiem Arrow, which he will use to combine with the Corruption Soul to create the Corruption Arrow.

Bon in AUT.

Hamon Imbued Frog

Next on the list is the Hamon Imbued Frog. This frog is part of the Hamon Trainer side quest. Just like with the Corruption Arrow, you just need to complete the quest and you will be able to get the Hamon Imbued Frog added to your inventory.

Hamon Trainer in AUT.

Letter to Jonathan

The next quest item is called Letter to Jonathan, which is part of the side quest for Jonathan Hamon.

To get this quest item, you will need to find William Zepelli, who is located at the Jonathan Mansion. He is at the port, talking to the ferry captain. Talk to him and he will give you the Letter to Jonathan quest item.

William Zepelli in AUT.

Jonathan’s Signal

In the same Jonathan Hamon side quest, you can find the next quest item called Jonathan’s Signal. This quest item can be found from Jonathan Joestar, who is located at the Jonathan Mansion as well.

In fact, he should be at the same port, talking to the same ferry captain. Simply talk to him and he will give you Jonathan’s Signal.

Jonathan Joestar in AUT.

Jonathan’s Worn Out Gloves

For the next quest item, you can get Jonathan’s Worn Out Gloves. Unlike the previous quest items, you need to get these by defeating a boss. In this case, it’s Jonathan Joestar. However, before you can do that, you will need to reach a point in the Jonathan Hamon questline to do this.

When you get the Jonathan Radar, that’s when the boss fight is possible. With the Jonathan Radar in hand, Jonathan Joestar will have a chance of spawning while using the Jonathan Radar and spending 500k UCoins at the Dark Souls Area.

If you are short on UCoins to summon Jonathan Joestar for the boss fight, then you can check out this guide that will show you in great detail how to earn UCoins fast.

Jonathan Joestar boss fight in AUT.

The Rundown Mask

The next quest item is obtainable by doing the Dio Brando boss fight. The Rundown Mask is an item that Dio Brando will drop when you defeat him in a boss fight at the Dark Souls Area.

Just like Jonathan Joestar, you will need to reach a specific point in the Jonathan Hamon questline in order to get the Bait Vampire Mask to summon Dio Brando.

With the mask in hand, head to the Dark Souls Area and use 500k UCoins again to summon the boss. Defeating Dio Brando will then grant you the Rundown Mask.

Dio Brand boss fight in AUT.

Letter to Joseph

The next quest item won’t require you to fight any bosses. The Letter to Joseph quest item can be obtained by talking to Speedwagon.

He can be found at the port as well, talking to the ferry captain. Talking to him will then grant you the Letter to Joseph quest item.

Speedwagon in AUT.

Worn Out Scarf

This next item will require you to fight one more boss to get this quest item. The Worn Out Scarf quest item can be obtained by defeating Joseph Joestar in the Dark Souls Area. Just like before, you will need to get a certain item and use 500k UCoins to summon him.

In the case of Joseph Joestar, you will need to use Joseph’s Signal, which can be found by reaching a certain point in the Josehp Joestar quest.

After getting that item, you can then go back to the Dark Souls Area and summon him with the item and 500k UCoins. Defeating him will then drop the Worn Out Scarf.

Joseph Joestar boss fight in AUT.

Clackers, Aja Stone, Caesar’s Headband, Vampire Mask & Vial of Blood

For the last set of items, these can be found just by roaming around the world map. However, each of these items have a specific spawn rate and time before it spawns somewhere else.

Just remember to move around the map and you will eventually find them. Here are the quest items you can find by roaming the map:

  • Clackers – Item spawns every 10 minutes in various locations and has a 40% chance of spawning.
  • Aja Stone – Item spawns every 12.5 minutes in various locations and has a 35% chance of spawning.
  • Caesar’s Headband – Item spawns every 15 minutes in various locations and has a 35% chance of spawning.
  • Vampire Mask – Item spawns every 16.5 minutes in various locations and has a 30% chance of spawning.
  • Vial of Blood – Item spawns every 16.5 minutes in various locations and has a 30% chance of spawning.
Going around and looking for the items to spawn in AUT.

That’s all you need to know about the farming and quest items locations in AUT. Did this guide help you in any way possible? Let us know in the comments below.

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