AUT: Best Abilities Tier List (Update 3.0)

New update, new Tier List.

Update 3.0 for A Universal Time has been huge, changing up many of the things that most players have been familiar with. In particular, Traits have changed up quite a bit – you may want to check out the Limitless Mythic Trait

With so many fundamentals being modified, it is only natural that the effectiveness of abilities will also be affected. So, in this article, we will be looking at a new Tier List that ranks abilities and how they have changed up after Update 3.0. Let’s dive in!

Best Abilities Tier List (Update 3.0)

Keep in mind that there will always be subjectivity involved with these Tier Lists, as some abilities may suit your preferences more. With that said, here is the Best Abilities Tier List for Update 3.0.

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SSS+ Tier

Reaper and Sticky Fingers are by far the strongest abilities in the game, for different reasons:

  • Reaper allows you to do some devastating combos without really having to think too much, which helps immensely when farming. 
  • On the other hand, Sticky Fingers is a combo machine and incredibly fun to use. Players that like to be creative with their combos can absolutely make the most out of this Ability.

S+ Tier

Another set of great abilities that are still extremely strong in the game, without being too overpowered.

  • In particular, the Star Platinum Evolutions stand out as abilities that form a nice middle ground between brawler style combos, and magic based skills.
  • Dawn is also a really useful ability for farming that was broken when paired with the Bombastic Trait. However, that combination has now been nerfed by the developers.

S Tier

Most of these abilities are still viable in the game but may require you to use some specific Trait or have a specific playstyle.

  • You can still pull off some great combos with these abilities, as seen with Gojo, Vampire and Joseph Hamon.

A Tier

This tier consists of abilities that were well received initially but did not really stick for too long in the meta.

  • You will still find some players using them for their desired play styles, and they can still be useful. For example, most players still find Johnathan Hamon still fun to use. 
    • However, for the most part, you will not find yourself using them for long, moving onto better abilities.

B Tier

These abilities are for the most part simply not viable anymore. For example, let’s look at the High Voltage Ability.

Most of the moveset consists of very basic level skills, that the other abilities have stronger and better versions of.

C Tier

With AUT progressively becoming a more grinder game, damage is a really important factor to consider. As a result, these abilities do not cut it at all, with their damage output being too low, regardless of how strong or fun they are to use.

Let’s take the Base Hamon Ability, the damage that each skill can inflict barely even crosses the 20 Damage mark for most of the moveset. Such output won’t even put a dent in the Curses that you will find in the desert.

D Tier

Extremely disappointing abilities from whichever angle you look at them. They desperately need a Rework if they are to be viable in the future. It probably explains why the developers have been focusing on upcoming Reworks to help add new life to them.

That’s everything that needs to be discussed for the Best Abilities Tier List after Update 3.0 in AUT. If you ever have some confusion about which abilities you want to use in the game, this tier list can serve as a good guide. As a rule of thumb, getting the abilities in the top two Tiers will ensure that you will have a positive experience with the game.

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