Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Teach

Let’s Teach him how to join your team!

You will want to unlock new characters not just because of their looks and cool abilities, but because if you have all of them you’ll have a plethora of gameplay choices! They are all so unique and different from each other. In this guide, we will be showing you how you can get hero Teach to join your team.

How to Get Hero Teach – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This can be done in the Chapter 3 only after Ethel leaves the party. You will then be free to look on the map and get Teach to join your character list. You will need to go to the world map and inside the Aetia Region. Make your way to this quest related location place. It will be just above the Gura Flava Camp.

Once you come here there will be a cutscene dialogue and right after it you’ll start the Going Beyond Power questline.

The first task of this quest will be to go to the Colony Gamma. This camp will be located all the way to the top left corner of the map or to be more precise as shown on the picture below:

Here your task is to talk with 3 NPCs. They will be actually marked on the map and shown where they are. So simply go next to them and interact with all of them individually. Once you finish your conversation with all of them a new Topic for conversation will be unlocked.

Now, once this topic is unlocked you will need to hold a discussion at a resting spot. The gang will talk to each other and discuss what is up lately with the Colony Gamma. There will be a resting spot right next to the campsite.

After this team conversation is done, you’ll need to go to the Commander’s office in the colony and talk to him. This will be Teach himself. You will need to follow him around the Colony and he will take you to the Transcendent Retreat.

You will need the Sand Dune climbing up skill for this too. We have a guide that you can check out if you’re unsure how to unlock it.

Once you get to the Transencedt Retreat there will be a fght against Teach. He will try to teach you some of his basic attack moves. Or, just kill you. What the hell Teach? In this fight you’ll get interrupted by a Moebius G. Defeat all the enemies that will come next to you and the battle sequence will be finished.

Once this is done go back to the Colony Gamma(shown in the first picture) and talk to Teach again. Congratulations on unlocking yet another very cool character!

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