Back 4 Blood: Unholy Grail | Secret in The Cut Achievement Guide

Cut through the shortcuts and get your collection a golden skull richer with the new expansion from Back 4 Blood

Tunnels of Terror came through recently with brand new content for the beloved zombie co-op shooter Back 4 Blood.  There was nothing new in terms of levels or maps but a lot of content has been added to older levels that you can go through again with some friends.

This guide will walk you through on how to get one of the Achievements in the game and look for the specific item you’ll need to unlock it.  Read on to see where to begin.

Secret in The Cut Achievement Guide – Back 4 Blood

As you traverse through The Cut level, if you go deep enough, you’ll find the portal to the inner level of the lair and might be tempted to go through it.  From here, turn back and go through the narrow branches that will lead you back to the big crevice found in the middle of the arena. 

You can then walk towards the side of the crevice, minding any Ridden around you and slowly tip your camera downwards to the side of the abyss.  You’ll see the golden skull hanging between two crevices.  Picking this up will earn you the achievement for this map and unlock the Unholy Grail achievement.

That’s it!  You can then continue to the inner lair if you’d like or find the entrance to exchange any skulls and totems you found for sweet rewards in this DLC.

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