Back 4 Blood: Round The Riverbend | Secret in Blood Stream Achievement Guide

We hope you’re not too squeamish, because this achievement will definitely get your hands (and pants) dirty.

Back 4 Blood introduced its new expansion with the key element of finding Ridden Hives all over the existing campaign.  While it doesn’t provide much in terms of new locale, it certainly makes up for with the amount of content you can do with the expansion.  As such, one of them will be the different trophies and collectibles you can get while you explore the new game modes.

In this guide, we’ll be outlining how to get the Round the Riverbend achievement, read on to find out where to start!

Secret in Blood Stream Achievement Guide – Back 4 Blood

You begin by finding the narrow blood stream in one of the hives, it should be one level below the area and will allow you to ride it down a tunnel.  Get on the stream and follow the slide until it ends on another platform with a junction.

Turn left, get rid of some Riddens and continue down the tunnel until you find a dead-end with a couple of ledges.  Climb up these ledges and follow the path, you might need to get your guns ready as this path has a couple of enemies that you’ll need to take down to get past.

Once you reach a clearing with a pit, turn right and move towards the narrowest path, at the end of it will be a golden skull which triggers the Round the Riverbend achievement once you take it. 

And that’s all there is to it!  You’re free to go back and jump down the pitfall to explore the darkness within!   

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