How To Master Hives & Earn DLC Items | Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror

Step into the nests of the unknown as you play through Back 4 Blood’s latest expansion, Tunnels of Terror.

Back 4 Blood reprises its role as one of the best co-op zombie shooters in the genre with its new DLC that’s sure to liven up any game night with your friends.  In this guide, we’ll tell you how to access the new DLC and the objectives within the content that will allow you to claim some sweet rewards.

How To Master Hives & Earn DLC Items – Tunnels Of Terror

Tunnels of Terror can be accessed by either purchasing the DLC separately for $15 or naturally getting it from the game’s Ultimate or Deluxe editions.  The strange thing about this DLC is that it won’t add new maps to the game but rather changes the existing maps to include its elements. 

To enable the DLC after purchase, all you need to do is choose an act and you’ll be able to see if it has the Ridden Hives enabled or not.  It will then spawn in that particular act’s map in various locations.  The easiest way to spot them is to have one of the new Cleaners, Heng, be on your team.  He has the innate ability to sense Ridden Hives from certain distances. 

After sensing them, the only thing left to do is to enter the warped portals and jump right into the nest of the infected.  The goal in each hive is to collect a specific weapon called the Skull Totem.  It’s a massive melee weapon that also doubles as a currency that you can use if you get it out of the hive safely.   You can also combine it with various totems you grab along the way to change its stats and the rewards you get in the end.

The totem will allow you to purchase different types of DLC cards, skins and costumes in this mode.  Good luck hunting and make sure to be wary of the warped ridden!

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