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How To Get Back 4 Blood Early Access Key

We’ll get you into zombie killing right away!

Many are dying to get into their monster hunter gears early and start decimating some creatures in Back 4 Blood, the new multiplayer first person game that has been attracting big hype from the public. This huge 60$ Zombie destroying game is said to come out in a few weeks, but the early access is out and you can get a piece of it, since it’s so close to seeing light anyway! Here is exactly how you can get a key to play it.

Get A Back 4 Blood Early Access Key

Now there are two ways you can get an Early Access Key:

  1. Pre-order the game.

  2. Register on their official website.

Let’s get more into detail, shall we?

As you can see in the picture below, Early Access will only be available for a few days, so if you want a shot at doing the second option, you should do it now.

Click the register button on their website and fill in all the data they want from you. Just so you know, this is NOT. A guaranteed way of getting into the Early Access.

There is just a chance that you will receive through your email a key for the game, which you can use on your Steam client.

The other thing you can do is pre-order. Either through their site or through Steam, you will get an Early Access key which Steam will help you implement.

After that, not only will you enjoy the experience two months before the game comes out, you will also be part of the closed beta. Now that is a fine deal!

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